Golden Retriever Mom Lists 5 Foods to Keep Dogs Hydrated This Summer


Summer is finally here, which means many of us are spending more time outside enjoying the warm (or in some places like where I live in Georgia the HOT) weather. It's important to stay hydrated as temperatures climb, and we also need to make sure our fur babies are hydrating too. Pearl is a Golden Retriever who loves trying new human foods and sharing her reactions on Instagram. Her mom posted a video on Saturday, June 15th of Pearl sampling five hydrating foods, and it's safe to say she enjoyed them all.

The video starts with Pearl eating a red bell pepper. Mom explains that bell peppers are made up of 92% water and contain antioxidants. They're a healthy treat you can share with your pooch. Watch as Pearl tries cucumber (it has the highest water content of any solid food), red cabbage, iceberg lettuce, and of course everybody's summer favorite, watermelon! Make sure your sound is on so you can hear her adorable chomping!

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Can you say yummy?! It seems that Pearl gave them all two paws up! Commenters also appreciated the ASMR that the Golden gave us all as she enjoyed her healthy treats. @swanshine26_ spoke for all of us when she said, "People chewing - NOPE, dogs chewing, could literally watch it all day!" @eleanor_campbell_art agreed, "Love the burps and snorts not to mention the cronchies!" and @beach_pleeease added, "That ear was working overtime!" I love watching Pearl's videos!

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Other Hydrating Ideas for Dogs

I've given my dog all five of the treats that Pearl tried, and she likes them all. She wasn't a huge fan of the cabbage or lettuce, but she rarely turns down any people food. There are other foods that will keep your dog hydrated, and some have other benefits as well.

If you have an itchy dog, these frozen treats will help alleviate some of the itch and are a perfect way to give your dog a treat that can also help solve the itchy problem. Seasonal allergies are common in many dog breeds, so if your dog is itching, licking, or biting at its paws and backside, give these a shot. These allergy pops work great as well (and work double time as breath mints!)

My dog loves it when we put her water bowl outside and fill it with ice cubes. She loves bobbing for the cubes which helps to cool her off. You can make lots of other frozen, hydrating treats, too. Pupsicles are a favorite, and something as simple as frozen bone broth made in a silicon mold or ice cube tray can be a refreshing snack for your dog to chew on. Dogs also like 'ice cream'; you can find these pup cups in some grocery stores or make your own with Greek yogurt and peanut butter.

Who doesn't love a smoothie? Dog smoothies are a quick and easy fresh treat that can be made with fruits, veggies, berries, and electrolyte water. Use what you have on hand and your dog will be a happy, hydrated pup ready for more fun in the sun!

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