Golden Retriever Lights Up with Joy Upon Seeing His First House with a Yard


Out of the thousands of dog owners I've ever met or seen on social media, I've noticed a few life goals that tend to be awfully common. Everyone wants to raise a happy, healthy dog, of course, but more specific goals can include anything from improving one's own lifestyle in order to be more active with their dog or upgrading their home to give themselves and their dog somewhere even more comfy to rest. The common denominator is easy to see: dog owners want to give their fur babies the best life they possibly can!

That's why dog owners from all walks of life could relate to dog mom @alexandracolleen as she realized a dream come true. She and her partner just purchased a new home, and it was time for their Golden Retriever Gus to see the space for himself. There's plenty of room for zoomies and playtime, but the best detail was yet to come. He'd finally have a yard of his very own!

How sweet! Gus seems like the happiest, most confident Golden Retriever, especially when he goes upstairs to explore all by himself. It looks like he was feeling safe from the get-go, which is great news for his doting parents, who only want the best for him. That's one less transition to spend time worrying about!

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"He’s so proudly trotting around like he knows it’s his new home with mom and dad," noticed commenter @eraseyoursocialllllll. You're so right! The way he looks at his mom before going inside seems to ask, 'Is this all for me?' It sure is, Good Boy!

Naturally, viewers are asking for pictures of the dog in his new yard. If he was this excited for the inside of the house, he must've lost his mind when he found the outdoor area! Sadly, this is the only dog video we have from Alexandra for now, but it sure is heartwarming to know that Gus might be running around his new yard or lounging in the sunshine at this very moment.

Do All Dogs Need Yards?

As happy as this big dog is to have an upgraded home and yard, many dogs (but not all) do just fine without one. In fact, many small dogs and low-energy breeds can make excellent apartment dogs, though you wouldn't normally find Golden Retrievers on this list.

Goldens require plenty of physical and mental stimulation each day, but this could come in the form of going for a walk or visiting the dog park if you don't have a yard. Odds are, your dog is more flexible than you think! Any changes will take time to get used to, but Gus is proof that moving with a dog is a journey with more highs than lows.

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