Golden Retriever’s Excitement Over Eating Is Making Everybody Feel Seen

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When mealtime rolls around, most of our pets get pretty excited about it.  To be honest, when mealtime rolls around for me, I get excited about it too!  Pet Family shared a video in mid-May of their adorable Golden Retriever enjoying a meal and it’ll totally make your day.

The video shows the dog's food bowl ready to be eaten. Once the dog knows that it’s time to eat, the excitement is clearly evident as the pup charges towards its food bowl. Watch as the hungry hippo chows down; it seems that he's trying to eat up all of the food at once! The way he shoves his head in the bowl cracks me up!

I could watch Pet Family's adorable pup eat all day! Knowing that Goldens love to eat, I thought the video was just silly. However, commenters had mixed feelings about the way the pup was eating. @bine1609 didn't think it was cute or funny at all, "It's not normal that he eats so greedily." @Reeka got a kick out of it, "Why so aggressive?! LOL!" @Carlina Black Gogole pointed out, "Gone in 30 seconds! Haha!" I actually agree with @Leslie Writes who shared, "It’s the Goldens. They’re total chow hounds. He's normal."

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Are Golden Retrievers Food Obsessed?

Did you know that certain dog breeds actually love to eat more than others? We had two West Highland Terriers years ago, and we could fill up their food dishes once in the morning and by the end of the day the food would be gone. Now we have a Pit Bull mix, and she would eat as much as we'd feed her if we'd let her! Golden Retrievers are known for enjoying their food and for having stomachs like bottomless pits. XDog shared a list of other dog breeds that are also food obsessed:

  • Dachshunds

  • Pugs

  • Rottweilers

  • French Bulldogs

  • Golden Retrievers

  • Bull Terriers

  • Beagles

  • Labrador Retrievers

If you have one of these dogs, you've probably struggled with how to keep them satisfied without over feeding them and causing them to become overweight. XDog shared some tips to help control a food obsessed dog's portions. Most important is portion control, "While it may be convenient because of your busy schedule, free feeding can often lead to overeating. For dogs to maintain a healthy weight, you must measure out portion sizes according to their weight and breed." They also recommend sticking to a feeding schedule.

Another important part of a dog's diet is the type of dog food that you are feeding them. Many 'popular' brands don't have the essential minerals or vitamins, or don't use high-quality proteins and other ingredients. Talk to your vet to get a recommendation for a healthy dog food for your dog based on its breed, age, weight, and other considerations (food allergies, medical conditions, etc.)

XDog also explain why exercise is crucial, "Physical activity is crucial to dogs’ overall health. The amount of exercise each dog needs depends on its age and breed, but the minimum requirement often ranges from one to two hours a day. Exercise will improve your dog’s health, increase strength, and help them maintain a healthy weight."

Just like with humans, a proper healthy diet is so important for our pets' health, both physically and mentally. Chat with your vet if you have any concerns or need advice on how, when, and the amount you should be feeding them.

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