Golden Retriever Attempting to ‘Help’ With Gardening Gets an A for Effort

McCann Michelle/Shutterstock

Many people enjoy tending to a garden, and it's a labor of love to care for it each day. I'm one of those people, and we spend hours each week outside pulling weeds, watering, and keeping everything clean and tidy. Finn is a Golden Retriever, and his humans also have a garden. He loves to 'help' with garden chores and this video is the cutest thing you'll see today!

His paw-rents shared the adorable video at the end of May. He 'helps' collect the gardening tools and gloves, he 'helps' move pots and sprinklers, and he even tries to 'help' water with the watering can! I want to know where I can get a helper like this!

Finn's mom admits in her caption that it's not easy to garden with a Golden, and that there's never a dull moment. At least he keeps her entertained! One commenter pointed out, "He steals everything but is too handsome to be mad at!" and Finn's mom replied, "Exactly. Just makes me smile!" I smiled at @Martha's comment, "A Garden Retriever!" and @Veritas23 added, "This puppy has a Green Paw!" @sarahjean0707 noticed the same thing I did, "The prancing!!!" Finn was so proud of himself!

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Keeping Your Dog Cool During the Summer

Many of us spend a lot more time outdoors when the spring and summer weather finally hits. Since we're all outside more, chances are our pets are too. It's so important to keep them cool and hydrated, and there are some tips for fun ways to do it. And don't forget the sunblock and somewhere that provides shade to get them (and us) out of the sun!

Does your family have a pool? Let your dog take a dip and splash around! We don't have a pool, but we did buy a kiddie pool for our pup to climb in and out of and she loves it! Water toys that can be attached to a hose are also a lot of fun for them, and they provide mental stimulation as well.

Some dogs aren't fans of getting soaking wet. You can keep them cool by getting a towel wet and then freezing it. Place it on them and watch as they relax and enjoy the cold!

Did someone say treats? My dog loves when I put ice in her water bowl. I don't recommend doing it in the house though because they make a mess bobbing for the cubes! I have an itchy dog, so this recipe to make itch relieving frozen treats works twofold because they keep her cool and stop the constant itching. Who doesn't love a refreshing popsicle on a hot day. These pawpsicles are easy to make and guaranteed that your pooch will love them.

We have a boat, and plan to take our dog on her first trip to the lake soon. We bought her the cutest lifejacket that has a shark fin on top! I can't wait to see how she responds to the new experience!

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