Gladiators' Comet injured during filming for latest episode

Comet starring on Gladiators. (Hungry Bear Media Ltd)

Gladiators' Comet has revealed she was injured during filming for last week's episode.

The Gladiators star - whose real name is Ella-Mae Rayner - has shared more details behind her nasty injury after the accident wasn't aired on TV last weekend. Among the well wishes, one fan questioned: "How come the injury wasn't shown on filming last week?"

The rebooted series has been wowing audiences at home - with many looking for the new Jet and Wolf among the 2024 line-up. Many of the original stars have been speaking out about their experiences too, from Jet who refused to film "uncomfortable" scenes to Rebel who was left "jobless without warning" after show's axe.

Now new series star Comet has spoken about her injury and early exit from the show. She suffered three ruptured ligaments, multiple talus fractures, a lisfranc fracture and dislocated bones. Following her injury, she also praised the medical team.

And 28-year-old Comet has hinted that it's not the end for her on Gladiators as she ended her post with the impassioned words: "The comeback is bigger than the setback."

What has Comet said?

Comet addressed why she was absent from the reboot series at the weekend as she revealed she had suffered the accident in filming the week before. "Just in case you miss me tonight…" She wrote on Instagram to her followers.

Of her injuries, she added on social media: "During filming of my favourite event (the irony) in last week’s episode, I had my injury. Three ruptured ligaments, multiple talus fractures, a lisfranc fracture and dislocated bones!

"It goes to show that these things can EVEN happen to mighty Gladiators. I want you all to know that I’m fully recovered and fighting fitter than ever. I’m so grateful to my fellow Glads and all the team for being so supportive. Stay smiling, stay positive."

Additionally, Comet shared the support she received from the other Gladiators and how it impacted her. The Gladiator hinted this wasn't the end for her on the BBC show. She added: "I couldn’t have stayed so positive if it wasn’t for my glad’s family that carried me through, love you all and thank you for all the support. The comeback is bigger than the setback."

Comet previously broke her left ankle in 2017 before breaking her right ankle on Gladiators. She told The Mirror: "In 2017 I injured my left ankle which stopped me continuing with gymnastics and my aim to be a stuntwoman."

The star said it took her six months to recover from her latest injury. She added: "Then during filming for Gladiators, I broke my right ankle. It took about six months to recover. My surgeon has assured me it’s fixed, but I’ve got metal in both feet now."

In late January, Comet revealed her injury proved that Gladiators is "one of the toughest shows" on TV. Plus, she pointed out that none of the stars of the show were actors. She told The Sun on Sunday: "It just goes to show that we aren’t acting. This isn’t WWE, this is one of the toughest shows on TV. The injury was really, really tough but I had the team around me and everyone was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better medical team."

What did the BBC say?

BBC Spokesperson said "Gladiators is one of the toughest and most physically demanding programme on TV and due to the high-impact nature of the show it is not unusual for those competing to suffer injuries. The health and well-being of all Gladiators, contenders and crew is of paramount importance.

"There was a medic on site at all times and as soon as it became apparent that a potential injury has occurred, the person would be examined and a judgement would be made on whether they were fit to continue."

What has been the reaction from fans of Gladiators?

Comet had to pull out of the Gladiators reboot after her injury. (Hungry Bear Media)
Comet had to pull out of the Gladiators reboot after her injury. (Hungry Bear Media) (BBC / James Stack / © Hungry Bear Media Ltd)

Many fans rushed to share their well wishes as the star detailed the injury she suffered during filming the reality show. Among the comments, one fan wrote: "We love you comet hope your ankle heals better and your back fighting fit take it easy get plenty of rest sending you lots of love and healing powers love you comet."

Others added: "I am so pleased you have made a full recovery. I’m was sorry to hear that as I ruptured two discs in my neck on pole axe falling and had 11 hours surgery. I am glad that game has been taken away but it’s clear that bad accidents can still happen ! X."

"Well glad it wasn’t obvious on tv & so not traumatic to watch back (like with previous Gladiators who were also injured in the game play. You were missing from my recording which was so unfortunate but the most important thing is you’re healthy & recovering & we will hopefully see you competing again soon." (sic)

Others had questioned whether they would see Comet's injury on camera. One wrote: "Will we see her sad injury or have you filmed around it?" Someone else responded: "I heard it was cut." The scenes will not be aired.

Life before Gladiators

Comet has found fame on Gladiators. (Hungry Bear Media)
Comet has found fame on Gladiators. (Hungry Bear Media) (Nick Eagle / BBC / Hungry Bear)

Before Gladiators, the TV star was a former elite-gymnast and semi-professional diver. Taking her fitness very seriously, the gladiator can be found training six times a week which would include swimming or HIIT sessions.

She told The Mirror: "Before Gladiators I was doing resistance training mixed with cardio like swimming or a HIIT session. Then I went a bit more CrossFit-style training to improve my aerobic capacity and did some contact stuff, like rugby tackling in the park, to get used to one-on-one combat. I also started wall climbing. I always have a rest day too."

The star, who has a sports science degree, also revealed she was inspired to become a gymnast after watching the original series of Gladiators. Jet was an "icon" to her and particularly inspired her while she was growing up.

Ahead of her appearance on Gladiators, she said: "I’m absolutely thrilled to be Comet. I loved watching Gladiators growing up. I specifically remember Jet, she was an icon for me as a child and one of the reasons I become a gymnast. I can’t believe I will be following in her footsteps. It really is a dream come true."

Yahoo has reached out to BBC for further comment.

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