‘That’s my girl’: Travis Kelce explains the moment he fell for Taylor Swift

NFL star Travis Kelce has spoken about the moment he fell for Taylor Swift, saying the pair “kept it between us as much as we could”.

Speaking on Barstool Sports’ Bussin With The Boys podcast, Kelce was asked whether he had been mocked by his teammates for dating Swift, but he said they had all been supportive of the pair.

Kelce said he took “no s***” but said “nobody really knew what was going on”, despite the fact he did not try to hide his relationship with the Pennsylvania-born singer.

Taylor Swift performing at Wembley Stadium in a blue and white outfit
Kelce praised Taylor Swift for bringing the NFL to a new fanbase (Ian West/PA)

He said: “We kept it between us as much as we could, but once she came to a game it was f***** all popping off from there.

“It’s like you want to keep things private, but at the same time I’m not here to hide anything, like, ‘that’s my girl’.

“That’s my lady, so I’m proud of that, it’s not like I’m sitting there trying to juggle and see how I can keep this under wraps.

“You just don’t want to let everyone into your personal life and be able to comment on it, knowing that everything she does is going to get a headline.”

But Kelce revealed that an increased interest in his personal life had taken some getting used to, especially when photographers and fans were turning up at his home.

He added: “Maybe it’s something you should anticipate, but I thought, man, this is crazy that this person is trying to find my address or trying to take a picture over here at my house. How did they find my address?

“They’re just random, I don’t know, it’s basically cool, it’s a different demographic from the NFL, so it’s been cool to dabble in that and see her following and everything, it’s been fun.”

Taylor Swift in black top speaking to Kansas City Chiefs player in red jersey
Kelce said he started to fall for Swift after she watched him play (PA)

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end said he had noticed the pair’s fanbases merging, and credited Swift for attracting the attention of more children and families to the NFL.

He said Swifties watching the NFL were “such a positive thing” for the sport and added that it was after she began watching him play that he fell for her.

Kelce added: “She’s very self aware, but at the same time she understands situations like that, and I think why I really started to fall for her was how genuine she was around friends and family.

“There was a couple of weeks there where between every single play they were filming her and we understand.

“But the first game she came to against the Bears, I was like I could probably set you up with everything, but no, she’s just like I want to be around friends and family and experience this with everybody.

“She got beaucoup points for that, I was like, damn, she’s a madness, she wants to be a part of it, she wants to support me and do things like that.

“I was like, man, she’s really won me over with that.”

Travis Kelce playing American football for Kansas City Chiefs
Travis Kelce said he enjoyed seeing Swift supporting him from the stands (PA)

Kelce said he also enjoyed supporting Swift, he described her concerts as “electric”, and added he “enjoyed seeing her in her element and killing it on stage”.

The NFL star said Swift “had some bangers” and was then asked to name his top three Swift songs.

Kelce said Blank Space was his favourite, as it was the first one he had listened to, and placed Cruel Summer in second place, describing it as “an absolute banger” at her live shows.

Kelce said his third favourite Swift track was So High School, which is written about the relationship between her and the American footballer, and tells the story of their early relationship.