Girl Stares at Her Goldendoodle and His Awkward Uncomfortableness Goes Viral

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When you catch somebody staring at you, it's a very awkward feeling. Chances are you'll keep looking at them afterwards to see if they are still staring and it makes it even more awkward! TikToker Isabella realized that her Goldendoodle Milo gets the same way when she stares at him, so of course now she does it for fun!

Isabella shared a video at the end of June of what happens when she stares at Milo, and it's adorable. The video is only 17 seconds long and starts off with her staring at him while he tries to give her the side eye. The longer you watch the interaction, the more awkward he gets; it actually ended up making me feel a little uncomfortable just watching it!

Milo gave her some major side eye! The music Isabella used to accompany the video was perfection! I love at the end that the Goldendoodle finally just moved in for some love and you can tell the two of them adore each other! Isabella's video quickly went viral because it's so relatable; it's been viewed nearly 10 million times, has more than 2 million likes, and close to 4,500 comments. People loved it!

@ashanti got 34 thousand likes when she said what we were all thinking, "I love awkward dogs!" @jesse said, "You guys give off the same energy if that makes sense." and Isabella replied, "We’re besties that’s why!" @jovi pointed out, "*shifts uncomfortably* LOL!" and @Cataalin added, "The way he is stepping back is such a human reaction I love it haha!"

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Can Dogs Really Look Like Their Owners?

Out of the thousands of comments, I was surprised by how many people left messages saying that Isabella and Milo look alike. I noticed it too and wondered if there's anything to it. Believe it or not, there is. Psychology Today explains why it happens, "There is a psychological mechanism that explains why a person might choose a dog that looks similar to themselves, and it is subtle yet simple. The answer is familiarity (although in technical publications you might see this referred to as " the mere exposure effect "). Simply put, we like things that are familiar."

That made a lot of sense! The more you see something (or someone) and get used to them, the more you become familiar and comfortable with it. Psychology Today explains, 'Our own face is something which we are quite familiar with...Science, therefore, suggests that, as in the case of everything else that we have seen many times, we should be rather fond of it. It is also likely that we will also transfer some of that sentiment to anything that is similar enough to remind us of our face."

I guess this also explains how spouses sometimes end up looking alike and wearing the same things!

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