German Shepherd Hilariously Fakes Being Asleep To Avoid Bath Time

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Bath time is something that some dogs look forward to, while others try to avoid it at all costs. Kabooky Jones is a dog groomer and one of her recent clients, a German Shepherd, is not a fan of baths. She shared a video in mid-March showing what happens when she tells the dog it's time for a bath, and it'll make you laugh!

The video starts with Kabooky telling the dog that it's bath time, but the dog is just exhausted and decides it's time for a nap. The dog pretends to go to sleep and Kabooky knows they are faking. To prove it to the rest of us, she knows one word she can say that will make the dog wake up as soon as they hear it. Make sure your sound is on...can you guess the word?

The German Shepherd's eyes lit up and so did their ears! Kabooky Jones' video went viral with more than 7 million views and over 6 thousand comments. @weratedogs got more than 12 thousand likes when they pointed out, "He deserved an Oscar for that performance!" Another commenter got nearly 50 thousand likes when they shared, "Dogs are liars, but bad liars LOL!" I couldn't help but laugh at @jasonpb321 who wondered, "Why does he look like Ross from Friends?"

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Tips for Bathing Your Pup

Many dogs don't like baths because they are afraid of water. While this German Shepherd wasn't being overly dramatic about not wanting to take a bath, he clearly didn't want to take one (but said yes to a walk!)

If your pup likes to follow you everywhere, skip the bath and put them in the shower with you. We had a West Highland Terrier who would come running when she heard the shower turn on, hoping she could get in, too!

Before the bath, wear your pup out. Take them for a walk, play some fetch, or do an exercise or play activity that they enjoy doing. They'll be less likely to fight the bath if they really are tired. Start with some basic grooming like nail clipping and ear cleaning. Set the mood by putting on some calming music and talking softly but with an excited tone to your voice. After bathing, have a fluffy, warm towel waiting to fold them in to after the bath, and make sure to get excess water out of your pup's ears.

If bathing your dog is a chore that you dread, consider letting a professional handle it instead. There are many mobile dog groomers that will come to your home, which makes some dogs more comfortable. It's worth at least researching your options to learn more about it if bathing your dog is an ongoing battle.

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