Everything Gary Goldsmith has said about Kate and the royal family on CBB

Gary Goldsmith - Celebrity Big Brother (ITV)
Gary Goldsmith - Celebrity Big Brother (ITV)

Gary Goldsmith kicked off his Celebrity Big Brother stint by name dropping the Princess of Wales as his niece.

Never shy about his royal connections, the businessman - who is best known for being the brother of Carole Middleton - is expected to spill the beans on the royal family during his stay in the Celebrity Big Brother house and he has already started sharing some fascinating insights.

This is no surprise though because Goldsmith has been quite candid while speaking about the royal family, including his brutally honest opinions about Prince Harry and Meghan. This is exactly why TV bosses have signed Goldsmith up to the reality show. Goldsmith went as far to say he thinks Meghan and Prince Harry should be stripped of their royal titles. He said in Wednesday's episode: "I genuinely feel that they should take the titles away."

Here we take a look at what Goldsmith has said about the royal family in Celebrity Big Brother. Asked by Louis Walsh how much he can say, Goldsmith told him: "I can pretty much say my opinion about everything unless there’s a red laser dot on my chest."

What has Gary Goldsmith said about Meghan?

Meghan Markle was brought up in Celebrity Big Brother. (Getty)
Meghan Markle was brought up in Celebrity Big Brother. (Getty) (LISA O'CONNOR via Getty Images)

Walsh was the first person to ask him about Meghan. Not shying away from what he feels is the truth, Goldsmith said Meghan "rewrote history" when she fell in love with Prince Harry.

He said: "I have a feeling that Harry was massively loved and when they were a threesome [Prince Harry and William and Princess Catherine] they looked really comfortable together and then suddenly an extra dynamic comes in, puts a stick in the spokes and now there is so much drama that I genuinely don't think was there, and rewrote the history and said how unhappy he was. And I just don't think that's fair."

What has Gary Goldsmith said about Prince Harry?

Prince Harry has been topic of conversation in Celebrity Big Brother. (Getty)
Prince Harry has been topic of conversation in Celebrity Big Brother. (Getty) (Handout via Getty Images)

Having previously said Prince Harry was "massively loved", he shared his hopes that he will return to the UK one day. Goldsmith said: "I just think it's really sad because at some point he's going to come back and be part of the gang. I think he might need to. I think we're a very forgiving nation."

What has Gary Goldsmith said about Kate?

The Princess of Wales always puts family first. (Getty)
The Princess of Wales always puts family first. (Getty) (Samir Hussein via Getty Images)

TV host Will Best grilled Goldsmith about whether the Princess of Wales will be watching Celebrity Big Brother ahead of his dramatic arrival. "The nation needs to know," he pressed. Goldsmith cheekily quipped that his niece would possibly be hiding if she was watching. In tongue and cheek, the reality TV star said: "If she is it will be behind a sofa, I guess."

Introducing himself to the world, Goldsmith wasted no time in mentioning the royal family and in particular Kate who he gushed was "simply perfect". "I'm Gary Goldsmith, the uncle to the future queen of our country," he said. "Catherine Middleton, the current Princess of Wales. She is simply perfect."

Naturally the stars in the Celebrity Big Brother house are interested in his royal connections and questions have begun to arise. Louis Walsh questioned Goldsmith further over his connection to Kate and how it had impacted him. He asked him: "Is it difficult for you, being related to famous people?"

Showing his playful humour, Goldsmith admitted that at times he has been a "bad uncle". He said: "I didn’t vote for it, it happened to me, and then suddenly there’s a spotlight on you... They call me the buncle! Have you heard of a buncle? Bad uncle, apparently every family has them."

In a more serious moment, Goldsmith praised his niece for putting her family first. He added: "It’s difficult to get hold of Kate at the best of times, and she’s got children and I love the fact that she’s putting family first."

Goldsmith was grilled over Kate's surgery as Ekin-Su Culculoglu asked what the nation is thinking: "Where is Kate?"

He replied: "Because she doesn't want to talk about it, there's a code of etiquette. If it's announced, I'll give you my opinion. I spoke to her mum, my sister, she's getting the best care in the world and all the family's done is put the wagon down to put family first."

And he added: "She'll be back, of course she will."

What has Gary Goldsmith said about Prince William?

The Prince of Wales smiling
The Prince of Wales is very down to earth, according to Gary Goldsmith. (Getty) (Chris Jackson via Getty Images)

As well as having a lot of love for Kate, Goldsmith praised Prince William for being "very normal". Looking back at when they met for the first time, the businessman remembered being struck with how down-to-earth the prince was.

Of meeting William, he said: "The first time I met William, Catherine was cooking and William said, 'Hi do you want a cup of tea?' Very normal." Plus, Goldsmith told Walsh that both Prince William and Kate are the "saviours of the royal family".

Goldsmith has made no secret of his love for Kate and William as he has often had great praise for both of them. The uncle also attended their royal wedding at Westminster Abbey while the world was watching on back in 2011.

Also Goldsmith praised Prince William while discussing the royals with Fern Britton. He said: "He's done an amazing job in that horrible situation and he's had an olive branch open all the time for his brother to come back."

What has Gary Goldsmith said about King Charles?

King Charles pictured with Queen Camilla. (Getty)
King Charles pictured with Queen Camilla. (Getty) (Max Mumby/Indigo via Getty Images)

So far, Goldsmith has been quite tight lipped on King Charles but what he has said has been incredibly positive. The Celebrity Big Brother star praised the monarch for his "spectacular" work. He told his Celebrity Big Brother housemates: "I will say, Charles has done a spectacular job."

But we know the other Celebrity Big Brother housemates will have more questions and we can't wait to see what else Goldsmith has to say about his royal connections.

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