Funny Golden Retriever Tries to ‘Butter Up’ Human Kid Whenever He’s in Trouble


Some dogs prefer one certain family member, and it's usually an adult. Maui is a Golden Retriever who has a "little hooman" brother named Eric who he tolerates but isn't the biggest fan of. There's only one time when he wants to be friends and enjoys Eric's attention, and that's when pooch gets in trouble.

Maui's mom shared a video of the two at the beginning of March showing the dynamic between Maui and Eric. It's clear that Eric wants to be besties with Maui, and Maui would rather not be on the receiving end of Eric's attention. In the next scene, Maui got in trouble for an unknown reason, and when Eric shows up to investigate, the dog decides that he needs Eric's help!

Maui's fans got a kick out of the video. One commenter pointed out, "Desperate times call for desperate measures LOL!" @The Beast laughed, "His little shield!" and Maui's mom replied, "Finally little hooman has good use!" And @Richard Pham said, "I love how he was staring at YOU while snuggling with your son!"

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How Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person

Do dogs really have a favorite person? Yes, they sure do. According to The Dog People, there are four main reasons you become your dog's favorite, and it isn't always the primary caregiver that gets the title. It really boils down to socialization, attention, positive association, and personality.

Socialization: The Dog People point out, "Many dogs bond hardest to whoever cares for them during their key socialization period, which occurs between birth and six months." However as they get older, socialization is just as important, and the person who takes them on walks and spends time doing things that the dog enjoys doing is going to move up the ranks to the number one spot.

Attention: Dogs bond more with the person who gives them the most attention. We brought home a rescue puppy a month ago, and because I work from home, I spend the most time with her. I feed her and walk her and play with her during the day, but she's still excited to see the kids when they get home and prefers to spend her time in the evening with my daughter because she's way more affectionate with her...and lets the puppy get into her bed!

Positive Association: If you're the one who always feeds the dog, gives them the best treats, plays with them, and does all the good things they like to do, you'll become the favorite. My son loves playing tug-of-war with our dog which she could do all day, but his deep voice can frighten her sometimes, moving him down the list.

Personality: People that are standoffish or don't show the dog much attention will never be their favorite. If you get excited to see them every single time you see them (even if it's just minutes apart) they're going to look forward to the greeting every time. Dogs can read your energy, and if you genuinely are happy to have them around, they know it.

Another thing to note is that a dog's favorite person can change overtime. I don't really go out and play with our dog, though we do go on walks. But the kids take her out to play a lot. One of them might soon take over the title of favorite if they get more involved in feeding and grooming her too!

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