Frenchie Pouts Like a Frustrated Kid Over the Dog Park Being Closed

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Most dogs don't get to go outside and play nearly as much as they want to, so when they get to go out, they really look forward to it. Walter Geoffrey is a French Bulldog who waits all week for a trip to the dog park, and his dramatic reaction to it being closed when they get there is just hilarious!

Walter's mom shared a video on Friday, March 29th sharing the terrible news: the dog park was closed for maintenance the entire weekend. Walter is not happy to hear it at all and he loudly shares his protests at the injustice of it all. Make sure your sound is one because his cries are just too cute!

I can't even with how cute this video is! I could listen to Walter Geoffrey all about a major meltdown...but an understandable one! The video went viral, which is understandable because it's so funny. It's been viewed more than 10 million times, has more than a million likes, and over 4 thousand comments, and some of them were pretty funny. @Milk-Bone said solemnly, "Putting out an extra treat for Walter tonight." @sweetbutsassy got almost 50 thousand likes for pointing out, "A 5-star dog living in a 2‐star world! LOL!!!!" @Alexis got almost 100 thousand likes for her comment, "He definitely wants to speak to the manager!"

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Differences Between French Bulldogs and Pugs

Many people in the comments thought that Walter was a Pug, not a French Bulldog. It's easy to get the two of them confused because they do look very similar. But there are some very noticeable differences once you take a closer look.

The first big difference has to do with their ears. If you look at their faces you'll notice of course their eyes and smooshed, flat face. Look closely and you'll see that Pugs have rounded, floppy ears while French Bulldogs have “bat ears” that stand naturally straight up and are much larger than their heads. Their tails are also different: Frenchies' tails are short and straight, and Pugs have adorable curly, pig-like tails.

Frenchies are known for their athleticism and pugs are more low-key and chill. Frenchies are spunky and like to be the boss, which can make them less compatible with other pets or small children. They also have a shorter lifespan than that of Pugs; they live an average of 9-11 years while Pugs can live 12-14 years.

If you're thinking about getting a Frenchie or a Pug, make sure to do your own research on each breed to see which one would be a better fit for your family and lifestyle.

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