Florida Shelter Dog Left Heartbroken After Adoptive Family 'Ghosts' Him

CC Aneta Jungerova/Shutterstock

In shelters, some dogs get adopted quickly while others languish, just waiting for the right family to bring them home. One Florida shelter dog named Snoop really believed that his time had finally come. He was getting a forever home! But what ultimately ended up happening is enough to break anyone's heart.

In a video shared by the Humane Society of Broward County, it shows Snoop looking so sad.

The 2-year-old has sadly spent most of his life at the shelter. And recently it really looked like he'd finally found a permanent placement with a new family.

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"After months of waiting for a home, Snoop finally got adopted this week… or so we thought," they wrote in the caption. "Sadly, when it came time to pick Snoop up from the shelter, the adopters never came for him."

"He doesn’t understand what went wrong, especially since he did so well with their other dog!" it continued.

Despite the setback, Humane Broward remains hopeful that someone else will love Snoop and bring him home.

People in the comments section were furious that someone did this to an innocent dog. "How?! Honestly people don’t deserve dogs," wrote one incredulous person. "Oh you didn't do a thing wrong it's the humans," another commenter added. "Then they didn’t deserve you. Hang in there baby," a third person chimed in. "Oh darling you will find your forever home," someone else vowed.

Other Animals at Humane Broward

Snoopy is just one of many animals who need someone to take them in at the Human Society of Broward County. In fact there are lots of animals that really need someone to care.  The facility has dogs, cats, and even bunnies who need a good home. Here are just a handful of them that need love and a chance.

Whitney is a 2-year-old German Shepherd mix who has the sweetest big, brown, puppy dog eyes.

Gretel is a Boxer mix who is currently with a foster family. Although she's ready to be adopted by the right person. According to the foster family, the 5-year-old loves snuggling and belly rubs. "She has made friends with my cats, especially the 7-month-old," they told the humane society. "She also enjoys playing with my neighbor's dog and watching the squirrels."

If small animals are more your thing, there are tons of bunnies that also need homes. Like Marshmallow, a 3-year-old shorthaired rabbit that could use a permanent placement.

Opening your home to an animal is a big commitment. But as Snoopy proves, it's one that can change an animal's whole world.

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