Famous Eagle Couple in California Just Welcomed 2 Tiny Hatchlings

CC Alexander Prosvirov/Shutterstock

It's a big day in Redding, California. On Friday morning two eagles, Liberty and Guardian, welcomed the second of two tiny baby birds to their nest.

The happy moment that Liberty and Guardian added to their family happened in the early morning hours of March 29.

Fox 26 reports that the second of the two eagle babies poked its heard out of its shell at around 5:01 am. The whole magical moment was captured on camera and later shared onto YouTube. The footage shows mama Liberty sitting on her eggs before noticing that the time had come. Before she knew it, the eaglet had pushed itself out of its shell, while it's slightly older eaglet sibling watched in wonder.

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Mom quickly fed the older bird, while the eaglet took its first few wobbly attempts leaving its shell behind. Eventually Guardian comes back to the nest to deliver a fish to mom and their babies. Liberty then fed her older eaglet again, but the newborn wasn't quite ready for food.

Speaking with Fox 26, Terri Lhuillier, Director of Friends of the Redding Eagles, told the news outlet that she was happy to be able to witness Liberty give birth to another one of her adorable babies. The parents have birthed eight eaglets since first forming their partnership in 2019. Supermom Liberty has given birth to 28 eaglets in total. Twenty of the eaglets were born with two other partners. She's been giving birth over 18 nesting seasons.

Lhuillier explained that Liberty first had babies with an eagle named Patriot in 2005. Their partnership lasted eight years, until 2013, and produced 13 eaglets. Patriot sadly departed after the birth of their last eaglet, but quickly Liberty found company with Spirit from 2013 to 2019, and together they produced seven more babies.

According to the Friends of the Redding Eagles-FORE Facebook page, the newborn made its arrival three day after its sibling.

"It is three days behind eaglet number one so it has some catching up to do on size and coordination," Lhuillier wrote in a post announcing the birth. Already the sibling rivalry has started. According to the post, eaglet two has had to fight with its sibling to get a bite of their dinner. But give them time and they'll surely be equally matched.

"We are very lucky to be able to watch these two strong-willed and spirited eaglets grow and develop day by day," she added.

"We are very lucky to have two very experienced parents Liberty and Guardian watching over and caring for these two precious babes!" the post states. "We feel very lucky to be able to share this incredible view into the lives of our Redding Eagle Family with all of YOU!"

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