Events offering gateway into Billy Connolly’s world of art to be held across UK

Events offering an insight into the world of Sir Billy Connolly through a new short film will take place throughout the UK later this month.

The events will feature short films where the comedian and artist, affectionately known as The Big Yin, will discuss his artwork, and will begin on May 16.

It will feature a preview of Sir Billy’s latest sculpture and artwork, titled And On Monday, God Made The World, ahead of its worldwide release on May 24, and will also unlock exclusive preview access to a series of four, limited editions.

The events will take place in Nottingham and Manchester on May 16; Newcastle, Birmingham and Bristol on May 18; and in London on 25 May.

The six events will be hosted by Castle Fine Art, which said the films offer a look into the comedian’s world and his artistic influences.

His newest sculpture and painting depicts an angelic-like winged being creating the world using welding equipment.

Complete with a pair of wings, a welder’s mask and blowtorch, it harks back to Sir Billy’s days spent working in shipyards.

Sir Billy said: “This new release, And On Monday, God Made the World, is a big statement.

“He is a welder, I did him to remind myself of my background. Welders are often in that position; it was just a pencil drawing when I did it at first.

“Welding is that lead colour, but when I coloured it, he became a jolly welder in the world”.

He added: “There’s a huge part of me that’s still a welder. I left being a welder, because I was playing banjo and singing in folk clubs, and I was quite popular.

“So, I decided to quit my job and do this for a living. I said I’d give it three months, and if it lasts it lasts and if it doesn’t, I will return to being a welder.

“Then soon after I read in the paper, ‘Billy Connolly the Comedian’, and I thought I’ve done it.”

Castle Fine Art managing director, Ian Weatherby-Blythe, said: “These nationwide events offer an incredible opportunity to watch these special films and step into Billy’s world which we are very fortunate to be part of.

“Billy is one of Castle Fine Art’s close collaborators and these films offer an insight into our regular meetings with him.

“Billy wanted to preview the new series of four, signed, limited editions to the event attendees, these pieces will not be available online at Castle Fine Art”.

Anyone interested in attending an event should contact Castle Fine Art on