Vicky McClure says Line Of Duty cast ‘all want to go again’

Watch Vicky McClure says Line Of Duty cast ‘all want to go again’

Vicky McClure has admitted she and her Line Of Duty co-stars "would want to go again" for a season seven of the hit BBC police drama.

McClure stars alongside Martin Compston and Adrian Dunbar in the series about police investigating corruption within the force, which has a huge fan following who are keen to see another instalment.

The cast have remained tight-lipped on whether creator Jed Mercurio has another season in the works, but McClure told This Morning that if it was an option, they would all be back on board.

Line Of Duty
Vicky McClure says the Line Of Duty cast 'want to go again'. (BBC)

Line Of Duty fans have been offered a glimmer of hope for season seven as Vicky McClure has admitted the whole cast would be keen to return for another run of the BBC show.

McClure, who stars as police corruption investigator Kate Fleming, told This Morning that she would sign up to a new season of the Jed Mercurio drama in a heartbeat, as would her co-stars Adrian Dunbar as Ted Hastings and Martin Compston as Steve Arnott.

Asked about being in touch with the cast, she said: "Saw Adie this week, he's prepping for Kiss Me Kate, he's going to be brilliant, he's going to be singing and dancing, I can't wait. Saw Martin at Day Fever (a day rave that McClure and her husband Jonny Owen run) in Glasgow, he did a bit of crowd surfing for us. He likes to party."

Vicky McClure has said on This Morning that the Line Of Duty cast ‘all want to go again’.
Vicky McClure has said on This Morning that the Line Of Duty cast ‘all want to go again’. (ITV screengrab) (ITV/This Morning)

She added: "I mean look, we've all said we love the show, we would want to go again, obviously. But there's nothing to talk about so it's really disappointing in terms of no news."

This Morning host Cat Deeley asked whether no news was good news that it hadn't been cancelled and McClure joked: "I'm just going to get this cushion and put it over my face..."

"We're so lucky, we love the show and we can't tell you how grateful we are," she continued. "I never would have expected to be in something that has that kind of support from the audience, so it is amazing. But I would hate to start a rumour."

<p>The Beeb’s gripping police drama thrilled fans for another series in 2017. Copyright: [BBC] </p>
The Line Of Duty cast have completed six hit seasons. (BBC)

Whether there will be a season seven is the question on every Line Of Duty fan's lips, so the cast are frequently asked what they know about the possibility of new episodes.

Martin Compston, who stars as DI Steve Arnott, told The Mirror in April 2024 that there are "no immediate plans" for a seventh season of Line of Duty.

The actor cited scheduling difficulties as the main issue surrounding its MIA status, saying: "It's just getting us all together and stuff. We'd like to but yeah, these things are a bit complicated. But there are no immediate plans."

In a separate chat with The Sun in January 2024, he said: "Genuinely, there's no plans at all. We all love each other more than just colleagues now, they're some of my dearest friends, and we'd all love to work together at some point, but there's no plans."

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Martin Compston and Adrian Dunbar are also keen to return. (BBC) (World Productions)

He added: "I don't think Jed [Mercurio] would ever write it for the sake of writing it, it would have to be with a story. We went out on such a high in terms of [viewing] figures; maybe it's the best way to leave it. I know that's probably not what people want to hear.

"Never say never but with these things, the longer you leave it… but we still speak, if not daily, weekly, all of us. I miss hanging out with all of them. It was a great feeling being able to go to work with people you call best friends every day."

In June 2023, he told This Morning that he and the rest of the cast would "all love to do one at some point", but cautioned: "Unless you hear anything from us, I'd just leave it at that."

Vicky McClure, who plays DI Kate Fleming, said in June 2022 that she'd like to do another series because the sixth was shot during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Vicky McClure and Martin Compston play Kate Fleming and Steve Arnott. (BBC) (BBC/World Productions/Steffan Hill)

She told Good Morning Britain: "We've been working together for over 10 years now and you know, the last series was incredible in terms of the response that we got, but it was really quite tough to shoot because obviously it was within COVID so it would be lovely to go back and not end on that kind of way."

Adrian Dunbar, who stars as Superintendent Ted Hastings, also dropped a possible hint when he shared that he, McClure and Compston were getting together with Mercurio for a meal.

He told This Morning in August 2022: "We are going to have a curry. We are all just kind of really keen to get back together, we'd all like to see each other again."

Mercurio hasn't confirmed anything either, but after the sixth season he told the Radio Times that part of it came down to them "finding new stories to tell within that universe".

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