Traitors finalist Jaz says he has given winner his bank details after final

The Traitors finalist Jaz Singh has said he gave his bank details to traitor Harry Clark after he “stole” the whole £95,150 prize pot by deceiving the other contestants.

The dramatic final on Friday saw faithful account manager Jaz, 31, banished from the show at the 11th hour after he tried to convince fellow faithful Mollie Pearce, 21, that British Army engineer Harry, 22, had been lying about his traitor identity the whole series.

Jaz, whose detective skills earned him the nickname of Jazatha Christie on social media, said the outcome had been a “difficult pill to swallow”.

The Traitors
The Traitors finalists (Studio Lambert)

Following the finale, he said: “I had to lick my wounds. It was a difficult pill to swallow.

“I think it was the times after that really hurt because I was thinking ‘Could I have done this? Could I have done that? Could I’ve spoken to (fellow faithful) Evie more and pushed it’.

“Everything’s all relative in that place. You only know what chess pieces to move on certain times and its a double edged sword…

“No matter which direction you go, you have to be so tactile but I’m just so proud of everyone.”

Asked what his relationship with Harry was now, he joked: “I’ve still given him my bank details, I’ll see what he sends me.”

Jaz had been nicknamed Jazatha Christie by viewers after the famed detective novelist Agatha Christie due to his sleuthing skills, as he was one of the only people that suspected Harry during the series.

He said: “I didn’t know who Agatha Christie was, I had to google that person. So to find out what the whole connection was mad… the fact that they put me and that icon together is just been incredible.”

The Traitors
Andrew (Mark Mainz/Studio Lambert/BBC)

The finale also saw fellow faithful Evie banished while traitor Andrew was kicked out after he turned on Harry.

Andrew explained he fuelled suspicions about Harry in the final moments as he knew his “time was up” and felt he could not point the finger at anyone else.

He said: “I wasn’t being spiteful, I wasn’t being like (series one traitor) Kieran and giving them a parting gift because I couldn’t vote for Jaz or Mollie because I knew they were faithful.

“I think I’d look stupid or feel stupid if I voted for one of the faithful so the only person I could have voted for was Harry.”

Insurance broker Andrew, who was recruited as a traitor later into the game, said the whole cast of the show had formed a close bond.

The Traitors
Evie (Mark Mainz/Studio Lambert/BBC/PA)

He added: “(Harry’s) like my son, he’s the same age as my son, actually, so I feel like a father figure to him and Mollie so it’s like watching my adopted kids.

“He’s easy to get on with. Every single member in there, the 21 other people, were all easy to get on with.

“There’s no animosity, there’s no conflict, every single person gets on.

“We’ve got a group chat, and we talk in there and it’s just a nice atmosphere, we’ve got a bond which will never be broken.”

Fellow finalist Evie said she feels “so proud” of everybody on the cast, but was glad she left before the final roundtable as she “didn’t want to be” in that situation.

She also confirmed that she stills loves Harry despite his treacherous behaviour, saying: “I’m equal parts proud and equal parts annoyed because it’s so difficult to watch yourself be played like that, but he did amazing.

“Hats off to him. If I was in his position, I would want to play the game like he did.”