The Traitors fans beg for more Diane after 'iconic' Ross exit video

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The Traitors fans said Diane was 'iconic' after she shared her Instagram video. (BBC) (BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz)

The Traitors fans called Diane “iconic” after she shared a video showing her flashing a cheeky wink as her son Ross dropped their bombshell secret on the show.

The former teacher was eliminated from the BBC series last week in a dramatic twist that saw her dying slowly after sipping from a poisoned chalice. Her son Ross has now become the latest contestant to be banished after a tense round table, and as he went he revealed that he and Diane were mother and son.

While the episode aired, Diane shared a video on Instagram showing her watching the action play out on her TV screen as she clutched a glass of rose, a nod to her own show death. As more and more people pointed the finger at Ross as a possible Traitor she started to sit forward in her seat, muttering: “No!”

Then as it became clear he was going home, she yelled: “Nooooo!” Captioning the clip, she wrote: “They were gunning for you since breakfast.”

“You were AMAZING son,” Diane went on. “You did us proud. And what an exit. Team Diane (a) Ross, over and out.”

Ross has been banished from the show. (BBC screengrab)
Ross has been banished from the show. (BBC screengrab) (BBC screengrab)

Diane and Ross, who had been recruited as a Traitor, had kept the fact they were mother and son under wraps during their stint in Ardross Castle. But Ross shared their secret in his final moments, stunning the other contestants as he spilled the beans.

“I will just leave you with one little Easter egg before I go,” he said. “I was actually the son of someone in this game... and that person was Diane.”

Back at home, Diane reacted by smirking at her Instagram followers as she gave a wink. Fans were tickled by her hilarious post, calling Diane “iconic” and saying they wanted to see more of her on TV.

Diane took a sip from the poisoned cup. (BBC screengrab)
Diane 'died' after sipping from a poisoned cup. (BBC screengrab) (BBC screengrab)

“Diane I think there is a role in EastEnders that needs to be made for you my beloved,” one person said in the comments section, as another posted: “Would love you and Ross on Gogglebox.”

“Give Diane a Bafta,” suggested another fan.

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