Tom Cruise surprises diners after popping into Indian restaurant

Hollywood star Tom Cruise surprised diners after popping into Indian restaurant and ordering two curries.

The 59-year-old spent over two hours chowing down two chicken tikka masala dishes at a UK curry house on Saturday evening.

The Mission Impossible actor rocked up Asha's in Birmingham, ordering his first helping of the £19.45 dish just after 6pm.

An hour later the three-time Oscar winner asked for a second portion of the calorific signature dish — said to boast over 1,250 calories.

He continued to sit in the middle of the restaurant with his five-piece entourage before leaving at 8:15pm.

General manager Nouman Farooqui, 30, said diners failed to notice they were sitting amongst Hollywood royalty until he began to leave which caused "a bit of a fuss".

Cruise then agreed to pose socially-distanced with restaurant workers before thanking staff for his curries with extra spice.

Nouman said: "At first we thought it may be a lookalike playing a joke but it was really him!

"When he arrived he said he loved the atmosphere and asked to be part of the restaurant rather than be given special treatment.

"We gave him a table with five others in the middle of the restaurant and the other diners didn't actually recognise him.

"I'm sure a few people looked but who would be expecting Tom Cruise to be sitting in the middle of a restaurant?

"He ordered one chicken tikka dish and later asked for another one.

"It was the biggest compliment.

"He likes his curries with extra spice which we catered for.

"It wasn't until he walked out of the restaurant that people realised it was Tom Cruise!

"We had the Rolling Stones in four years ago.

"But having Tom Cruise in was another level.

"He agreed to have his picture taken outside in a socially-distanced way and had his mask on for the first picture.

"He then took his mask off and said: 'Take another one'.

"I'm still a bit starstruck."

The restaurant tweeted its delight about their A-list diner earlier today (22/08) which read: "It was an absolute pleasure to welcome Tom Cruise to Asha's Birmingham yesterday evening.

"Tom ordered our famous Chicken Tikka Masala and enjoyed it so much that as soon as he had finished, he ordered it all over again - The greatest compliment."

Cruise has been filming scenes for Mission Impossible 7 in Derbyshire this weekend - ahead of its release in May 2022.

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