When will Ten Pound Poms season 2 be released?

Ten Pound Poms,Peter (FINN TREACY), Ron (ROB COLLINS), Pattie (HATTIE HOOK), Annie (FAYE MARSAY), Kate (MICHELLE KEEGAN), Terry (WARREN BROWN),Eleven,John Platt/Mark Rogers
Aussie immigration drama Ten Pound Poms has been renewed for a second series. (BBC) (BBC/Eleven/John Platt/Mark Rogers)

Ten Pound Poms, the Aussie immigration drama written by Brassic mastermind Danny Brocklehurst, is set to return for a second series on BBC One and iPlayer.

The show’s first season debuted in May 2023 and followed a group of British families who chose to escape the difficulties of post-war Britain to start a new life in sunny Australia.

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The show’s title is inspired by the popular term that was coined by Australians and used to describe these newcomers, each of whom was offered travel to the country for just £10.

Ten Pound Poms was a great success for the BBC, earning 7.7 million eyeballs throughout its first 28 days on iPlayer. With more on the way, here’s everything we know about Ten Pound Poms season 2.

When is Ten Pound Poms season 2 released?

Ten Pound Poms,14-05-2023,1,Peter (FINN TREACY), Pattie (HATTIE HOOK), Annie (FAYE MARSAY), Terry (WARREN BROWN),Eleven,John Platt
Ten Pound Poms series two will begin filming in February 2024. (BBC) (BBC/Eleven/John Platt)

There’s no release date for Ten Pound Poms series 2 just yet.

That said, we do know that the series is due to start production in Australia in mid-February so perhaps we’ll get to see the finished product in late 2024 or early 2025. In the meantime, the first season of Ten Pound Poms is available to watch in its entirety on BBC iPlayer.

Is there a trailer for Ten Pound Poms season 2?

Unfortunately, there’s no trailer available for Ten Pound Poms season 2. However, as filming gets underway, we’re sure we'll start to see some footage later on in 2024.

What is the plot of Ten Pound Poms season 2?

Ten Pound Poms,14-05-2023,1,Peter (FINN TREACY), Pattie (HATTIE HOOK), Annie (FAYE MARSAY), Terry (WARREN BROWN),Eleven,John Platt
Ten Pound Poms continues the story of families who relocated to Australia. (BBC) (BBC/Eleven/John Platt)

Series 1 of Ten Pound Poms followed the British families who responded to a newspaper advert that promised a new life for them in Australia, all for the low price of just £10. However, when two such families decide to take the advert up on its offer, they are surprised to find that life down under isn’t as warm the newspaper promised.

Upon arrival, new families are met with racism, shoddy housing and locals who are less than impressed with the arrival of their new neighbours. Series two promises to continue these stories, with the Roberts family regrouping and deciding to make the most of their new life in Australia despite the odds that seem stacked against them.

Ten Pound Poms,14-05-2023,1,Annie (FAYE MARSAY),Eleven,John Platt
Faye Marsay returns as Annie in Ten Pound Poms series 2. (BBC) (BBC/Eleven/John Platt)

As series 2’s synopsis explains, “After a challenging first year in Australia, the new series will follow nurse Kate Thorne (Michelle Keegan) and the Roberts family (led by Faye Marsay and Warren Brown) into 1957 on their adventure down under, as they are determined to make this new country everything they hoped it would be for a fresh start.

"Will Kate, Terry and Annie finally get a slice of the Australian dream they were promised?”

Will Michelle Keegan return for Ten Pound Poms season 2?

Ten Pound Poms,14-05-2023,1,Kate (MICHELLE KEEGAN),Eleven,John Platt
Michelle Keegan once again plays nurse Kate Thorne in Ten Pound Poms series two. (BBC) (BBC/Eleven/John Platt)

Keegan will return to play nurse Kate Thorne for Ten Pound Poms season two, alongside Marsay’s matriarch Anne Roberts. They’ll once again be joined by Warren Brown as Anne’s husband Terry.

Other returning names include Australian actors Leon Ford as Bill, Rob Collins as Ron Mohoney, Declan Coyle’s Stevie, Stephen Curry as JJ, Finn Treacy as Peter, Hattie Hook as Pattie, Cheree Cassidy as Marlene and Emma Hamilton as Shelia.

The cast will be joined by newcomers including the Skinner family who arrive in Australia fresh from Ireland and a dodgy landlord named Benny Bates who threatens to cause chaos. Casting for these roles has yet to be revealed.

Ten Pound Poms series 2 is coming soon to BBC One and iPlayer.

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