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When Harry Met Sally: 30 Year celebration
  • When Harry Met Sally: John Mellencamp showed Meg Ryan's daughter orgasm scene
  • When Harry Met Sally Is Our Autumn Style Bible
  • Bei Pastrami-Sandwiches unterhalten sich Harry und Sally über falsche Orgasmen. (Bild: ddp)
  • Though the bookstore is never officially named in When Harry Met Sally, you can see the Shakespeare and Co. branding on the window in certain scenes. This bookstore is the site of the title characters' auspicious third meeting where they finally become "friends." As Carrie Fisher's Marie aptly puts it, "Someone is staring at you in personal growth," and it turns out to be Harry Burns (Billy Crystal). He connects with Sally (Meg Ryan), and they end up going to lunch after detailing the end of both of their current relationships. Who can resist a timeless meet (for the third time) cute in the "personal growth" section? If this were us, we'd want the rest of our life to start as soon as possible -- beginning with this bookshop perfection.
  • Can men and women ever just be friends? This Nora Ephron-penned film says no, they're probably going to wind up having sex (and falling in love) at some point.


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  • The legendary rom-com turns 30 this year. To celebrate, Sophia Benoit ranked the horny-making superpowers of all of Harry’s outfits.
  • When Harry Met Sally: Meg Ryan Remembers Fake Orgasm Scene
  • Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal reunite for 30th anniversary of 'When Harry Met Sally'
  • After its 1989 release, “When Harry Met Sally …” set the bar for all future romantic comedies. It turns 30 this year and yet the film still feels so relevant. But that’s the hallmark of a classic film. Director Rob Reiner can’t quite believe it. “It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? ‘Spinal Tap’ is turning 35,” he […]
  • When Harry Met Sally: Secrets behind the most iconic scenes
  • When Harry Met Sally: Secrets behind the most iconic scenes
  • Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal to Have When Harry Met Sally Reunion
  • When Harry Met Sally: TCM festival to reunite stars, director for film's 30th anniversary
  • When Harry Met Sally Is Our Autumn Style Bible
  • When Harry Met Sally Is Our Autumn Style Bible
  • In honor of the rom-com’s 30th anniversary, Katz��s has a few promotions up its sleeve.
  • Das Romcom-Traumpaar: Billy Crystal und Meg Ryan (Bild: ddp)
  • Cast member Meg Ryan arrives for the 30th anniversary screening of comedy movie "When Harry Met Sally" in Hollywood, California, U.S. April 11, 2019. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni