Sir Trevor McDonald voices WaterAid advert highlighting global shortages

Tom Horton, PA

Sir Trevor McDonald has appeared in a WaterAid advert which highlights water shortages around the world.

The animated advert tells the story of Fara, a young girl from Madagascar, who dreams of becoming an astronaut and attempts to fly to Mars after hearing that water has been discovered on the planet.

Broadcaster Sir Trevor, 81, has voiced the advert.


According to WaterAid, 785 million people around the world do not have access to clean water close to their home.

Sir Trevor said: “I have reported on some extraordinary feats of human endeavour over my long career as a journalist and newsreader; and yet something as apparently simple as ensuring everyone everywhere has access to clean water, still evades us.

“I was astounded when I learned that a staggering 785 million people worldwide do not have clean water close to home.

“It’s something we all take for granted in this country – and is even more important in the middle of a pandemic.

“So, I am honoured to add my voice to this charming animation and support WaterAid in its mission to make clean water, sanitation and good hygiene a part of normal life, wherever you are.”


Johnty Gray, mass engagement director at WaterAid, said: “Our new animation, The Girl Who Built A Rocket, is part of WaterAid’s journey of change in our advertising as we seek different ways to engage people in the global water crisis and represent the communities in which we work.

“Fara has big dreams for her future, just like children the world over; yet for some, those ambitions may never be achieved because of the lack of basic necessities like clean water.”

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