Martin Lewis 'near tears' over being unable to help single mum

Martin Lewis has said he was “near tears” after a single mum who lost her husband to Covid called in to his show for advice over energy bills.

The lady told the Money Saving Expert star it had been a “tough year” and that as well as losing her husband to the coronavirus last January she was battling her own health issues.

She explained that she was worrying about rising energy bills and wondered whether she should move to a fixed rate deal.

TV star Lewis said he was very sorry for the loss she had suffered and, looking upset, said he was not sure “how much hope” he could offer.

After the show, he went on Twitter to say how much it had upset him, telling his followers that being unable to help the woman left him feeling “impotent”.

<p>Money saving expert Martin Lewis was left frustrated by the ongoing energy price crisis when he was unable to help a viewer with advice on how to afford her energy bills.</p>
Martin Lewis struggled to help the lady. (ITV)

“I feel near tears after doing my show,” he said.

“I started doing what I do out of a passion for financial justice & providing solutions.

“To be unable to help a single mum who lost her partner in Covid afford her energy bills leaves me feeling impotent.”

“I'm shaking,” he added. 

“Intervention is needed.”

The single mum called in for advice about energy bills. (ITV)
The single mum called in for advice about energy bills. (ITV)

Addressing people who suggested Lewis help out financially himself, he tweeted: “A few 'ur rich, pay her bloody energy bill' replies.

“This isn't about 1 person, it's a totem for millions who'll be in fuel poverty.”

He went on: “Instead I try to give answers, lobby for change, & put my money where my mouth is this way...”