'Married At First Sight' double bill and 'The Walking Dead: World Beyond': The 5 best things to watch on TV on Monday, 4 October

Married At First Sight Walking Dead World Beyond
'Married At First Sight' has a double bill and 'Walking Dead': World Beyond begins its final series. (Channel 4/AMC)

Married At First Sight fans are treated to a double bill tonight as the new Australian series launches on E4, followed by the UK version catch-up show.

Walking Dead spin-off World Beyond begins streaming its final series on Amazon today promising plenty of zombie scares.

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BBC Two begins a new series looking at the Blair and Brown partnership and how they created New Labour, while earlier in the evening we head into the next round of super tough quiz show Only Connect.

Foodie trio Gordon, Gino and Fred conclude their Greek odyssey tonight on ITV with delicious food and lots of laughs on the menu.

The best TV to watch on Monday, 4 October, 2021

Married At First Sight Australia and UK - E4 - 7.30pm and 9pm

Married At First Sight reunion
The reunion contains shocks and surprises. (Channel 4)

If you couldn't get enough of the rebooted UK series of Married At First Sight, you're in for a treat tonight.

Wrapping up the series is the reunion episode where all of the contestants get back together to give an update on where life has taken them since the show ended, and judging by the trailer, it looks like there could have been some splits already.

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Before we catch up with the UK cast, the new Australian series will debut, matching 18 singles looking for The One.

The last MAFS Australia was a huge hit for E4 so expect more drama and shocking moments that will put Morag, Franky and Nikita in the shade.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond - Amazon Prime Video

'The Walking Dead: World Beyond' follows teenage protagonists in the wake of the zombie apocalypse. (AMC)
'The Walking Dead: World Beyond' follows teenage protagonists in the wake of the zombie apocalypse. (AMC)

This teen spin-off series of the hugely popular Walking Deadbegins streaming its second, and sadly final, series today.

Featuring teenagers dealing with the zombie apocalypse in Nebraska, they're not only trying to survive the flesh-eating hordes but also the other humans willing to trample over them to survive.

Blair & Brown: The New Labour Revolution - BBC Two - 9pm

Programme Name: Blair & Brown: The New Labour Revolution - TX: n/a - Episode: Blair & Brown: The New Labour Revolution - ep 2 (No. 2) - Picture Shows: Tony Blair, opposition Labour party leader, and Gordon Brown, shadow chancellor, confer at a 1997 election campaign press conference.  Tony Blair, Gordon Brown - (C) Getty - Photographer: Johnny Eggitt/AFP
Blair and Brown's partnership is charted. (Getty/Johnny Eggitt/AFP)

Winding back the clock to 1983 for the beginning of this documentary series about New Labour, we start with Blair and Brown entering Parliament with very different backgrounds but similar ideals.

The series charts how the close friendship and partnership that was the foundation for New Labour and will follow their leadership and the years afterwards as well as some of the difficulties left by their legacy.

Only Connect - BBC Two - 8pm

Programme Name: Only Connect S17 - TX: n/a - Episode: Only Connect S17 - Presenter Generics (No. Presenter Generics) - Picture Shows:  Victoria Coren Mitchell - (C) Parasol Media Limited - Photographer: Rory Lindsay
Victoria Coren Mitchell hosts the next round of 'Only Connect'. (Parasol Media Limited/Rory Lindsay)

The toughest show on TV is about to head into the next round, with the format of when teams are knocked out almost as complex as the questions themselves.

Victoria Coren Mitchell presides over the quiz that leaves you feeling like a genius after getting even one question right.

Gordon, Gino & Fred Go Greek! - ITV - 9pm

From Studio Ramsay 

Monday 27th September 2021 on ITV 

Pictured : Gordon Ramsay Gino D'Acampo and Fred Sirieix taste test the Mykonos sausage at a Barbecue on Paradise Beach. 

Having previously traversed AmericaÕs west coast to explore flavours of the new world, this time out Gordon, Gino and Fred travel to Greece to immerse themselves in the culinary traditions and spectacular landscapes of the old world, in the birthplace of civilisation. The taste buddies embark on an island-hopping tour, keen to learn more about the Mediterranean diet and how the country has one of the healthiest populations in the world. GinoÕs right at home, declaring himself El Capitano and taking charge of their catamaran - stand by for a bumpy ride. Highlights include the boys hunting and cooking a unique species of lobster in Crete, touring the islands by tuk-tuk and jet ski, taking a mud bath in a volcanic spring in stunning Santorini, as well as chowing down on mouth-watering moussaka, and finally, tickling their taste buds with a hugely popular local speciality: the Mykonos sausage.

(C) Studio Ramsay

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07831 460 662 peter.gray@itv.com  

This photograph is © Studio Ramsay and can only be reproduced for editorial purposes directly in connection with the  programme GORDON, GINO, FRED GO GREEKor ITV. Once made available by the ITV Picture Desk, this photograph can be reproduced once only up until the Transmission date and no reproduction fee will be charged. Any subsequent usage may incur a fee. This photograph must not be syndicated to any other publication or website, or permanently archived, without the express written permission of ITV Picture Desk. Full Terms and conditions are available on the website https://www.itv.com/presscentre/itvpictures/terms
Gordon, Gino and Fred head for Athens. (Studio Ramsay/ITV)

Concluding their two-part Greek odyssey tonight, Gordon, Gino and Fred leave behind the islands and head for the mainland and Athens.

The trio grab their chance to race around the Olympic stadium before quenching their thirst with a liquid Greek salad cocktail.

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