I’m A Celeb winner: 'Nigel Farage will do all the Bushtucker trials but he won't win'

Watch I'm A Celeb winner Danny Miller talk about Nigel Farage going into the jungle

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Nigel Farage is going to be put through all of the trials but he won’t win the show, said former I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here winner Danny Miller.

The controversial politician, 59, was seen smoking at Heathrow Airport ahead of his flight to Australia for his stint on I’m A Celebrity.

During Good Morning Britain, Emmerdale actor Miller - who won I’m A Celeb in Wales in 2021 - shared his thoughts on how he thought the former MEP would get on in the jungle.

Nigel Farage at a press conference
Nigel Farage will do all the trials but he won't win, says I'm A Celebrity winner (Getty) (Future Publishing via Getty Images)

What, how and why?

Like Matt Hancock, the I’m A Celeb winner was confident that Farage will be voted to do all the Bushtucker trials - but he won’t win the show.

He said: "I think because they want to put him through the paces. Not that he’s going to win. I'd put every penny I have against him not winning. They’ll put him through everything and then they’ll drop him like they did with Matt Hancock."

I'm A Celebrity winner Danny Miller on Good Morning Britain
I'm A Celebrity winner Danny Miller revealed he thinks Nigel Farage will do all the trials but he won't win the show (ITV screengrab) (ITV/Good Morning Britain)

The actor said the TV bosses were "very good" at recruiting stars for the jungle that would "get the viewers up and votes".

"It’s safe to say Farage is going to ruffle a few feathers," he said. "He’s going to be in a few sticky situations like Matt Hancock."

UKIP politician Nigel Farage is heading for the Aussie jungle. (PA Images)
Nigel Farage won't win I'm A Celeb, says former winner (PA Images)

Plus, Miller had some advice for Farage in the jungle as he thought the politician should enjoy the reality show for as long as he can.

Asked if Farage should talk about his life experiences, Miller said: "Me personally, no, I’d say no. Smile and hope to last as long as you can.

"I can’t imagine people will be as receptive to his political views."

I'm A Celeb winner Danny Miller appeared on Good Morning Britain (ITV)
I'm A Celeb winner Danny Miller won I'm A Celebrity in 2021 (ITV) (ITV)

Of course in the jungle, the celebrities leave behind their home comforts and luxuries. Of feeling hangry, Miller said: "I felt it every day. You are on limited calories. They manipulate how many calories. They keep you on the edge of breaking. I’d say if anyone offers you extra food, take it!"

Asked about how Farage will get on as he’s got a penchant for smoking, Miller said: "I think each person has their own set deal."

What else happened?

Danny Miller in Emmerdale
Danny Miller has returned to Emmerdale (ITV)

Also the actor spoke about his return to Emmerdale for the third time as

“I love Emmerdale to be welcomed back is amazing,” he said. “Someone tweeted me actually saying, ‘No wonder he’s got two dead boyfriends, a dead sister, been to prison, his husband’s in prison.’”

The soap star praised the show for always offering advice to the stars. He said: "Advice is always there. I do what I can to make it look as believable as possible."

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