The Life Edit Podcast: Our biggest body taboos - and how to talk about the embarrassing stuff

Watch: Is there a difference between antiperspirant and deodorant?

From sweaty palms and heavy blushing to blood in your poo and vaginal dryness - there are certain things about our bodies that most of us just can't face.

Embarrassing bodily issues can be minor or they can be life-threatening. Many of us, however, are too ashamed of our rogue symptoms to go and speak to a doctor, regardless of how scared we are.

So why are we literally dying of embarrassment?

This week's Yahoo Life Edit podcast asks what's stopping us getting help, in a world where we're happy to open up about almost anything else.

"I've talked to lots of doctors who say people are happier to talk about anything rather than their own bottoms!" says Yahoo Health Reporter Alexandra, this week's guest.

"But while blood in the poo may well be something very minor it can also be a symptom of bowel cancer, so it's vital to tell your GP."

Presenter Flic and Alexandra also discuss a key menopause symptom, vaginal dryness, and why it doesn't have to ruin your sex life.

From body odour to vaginal dryness, the latest The Life Edit Podcast episode discusses our biggest body taboos. (Getty Images)
From body odour to vaginal dryness, the latest The Life Edit Podcast episode discusses our biggest body taboos. (Getty Images)

"Most of the time it can be easily treated," says Alexandra, "You may be recommended HRT but it's often not necessary. Dryness can make sex very uncomfortable and affect relationships, but it isn't something you have to tolerate."

She reveals the reasons why doctors and nurses really aren't judging you - "It's anatomical to them, they deal with these things every single day. It's only as awkward as you make it."

They also cover the ultimate workplace taboo: Body odour.

"You can always rely on your mother to tell you," Alexandra points out. "But most people need a freshen up pretty regularly."

She also busts the myth that we need a daily shower (and there's a quick detour into Roman washing habits) and explains the crucial difference between anti-perspirant and deodorant, when we need it - and when we don't.

Listen now, to understand exactly why nothing about the human body should be taboo - and hear some very useful advice on our most embarrassing bits.

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