John Altman to star in new soap about a community emerging from the pandemic

Tom Horton, PA

John Altman is to star in a new soap which tells the story of a village whose inhabitants try to rebuild their lives as the country emerges from the coronavirus pandemic.

The series, which is titled Greenborne, is set in the summer of 2021 and will air on community radio stations across the UK.

Former EastEnders actor Altman is joined by Bergerac star Louise Jameson and Emmerdale actress Corrine Wicks in the cast.

Louise Jameson
Louise Jameson (Michael Crabtree/PA)

Altman said: “I am very excited about Greenborne as it’s not only a part I could really get my teeth into, but it is also about hope and rebirth, amongst many other things, and will appeal to the whole family.

“It is a little bit of escapism at a time when we need it most.”

The soap “plays out in the shadow of the virus but the drama sets out to celebrate the lives of people as they overcome the dark times and emerge into the light”, according to a statement.

The series begins with Jameson’s character Evie emerging “from a long Covid-19 imposed exile, threatening to ruffle feathers”, it added.

Corinne Wicks
Corrine Wicks (Ian West/PA)

Altman plays John, a man who is trying to get his business back on its feet.

Greenborne has been created by Colin Brake.

He said: “At their best soaps offer up a mirror to society, allowing us to see our daily hopes and fears played out amongst a cast of characters that we can empathise and identify with.

“Covid-19 has had a dramatic and long-lasting effect on all of us, but Greenborne has been created and designed to take a positive look at how we may begin to heal and rebuild our ‘normal’ after the trauma of the coronavirus crisis.”

The soap will be broadcast on more than 20 community radio stations including Link FM Sheffield, Bolton FM and Radio Tyneside.

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