Jewish media outlets unite to combat antisemitism

Jewish news outlets across the globe have penned an open letter on antisemitism as the conflict between Hamas and Israel rages on.

More than 30 outlets co-signed the open letter, decrying antisemitic attacks as they continue to rise as a by-product of Israel’s assault on the Gaza Strip.

The statement, led by The Jewish News in London, reads: “We’re witnessing raw hatred against Jews in cities across the globe… And yet, what we’ve seen so far isn’t even our worst fear.

“Our gravest concerns lie in what the future might hold.”

The letter went on to list off a number of antisemitic attacks that have occurred against Jewish people around the world since the conflict began on October 7.

“In Dagestan, a mob ran towards planes on a runway to check passengers’ passports, hunting for disembarking Jews,” it stated.

“In Sydney, when authorities lit the famous Opera House in Israel’s colours, a crowd sang ‘Gas the Jews’. In France, a woman was stabbed at her home, and a Swastika was spraypainted on her front door.

“In London, red paint was daubed on Jewish school doors and the Wiener Holocaust Library.”

The letter also noted antisemitic attacks in the US and Germany, dubbing one Berlin attack as “a haunting echo of scenes in that German city 90 years ago”.

The authors of the letter said: “Clearly not everyone marching under the Palestinian flag fantasises about our deaths or the destruction of the world’s only Jewish state… please try to understand that whether it’s one person, 100 people or 10,000, the chilling impact of seeing so many people echo and excuse hateful chants is profound.”

The letter adds that “the level of fear among our readers is like nothing in living memory”, but the authors vowed to “fight our corner”.

They said: “In fact, we’ve never been so determined, so energised, so united and so proud… The unity has been a light in the darkness.

“We… call on the world to listen and treat us as you would want to be treated. It shouldn’t be too much to ask.”