Jack Osbourne on his most frightening ‘paranormal’ experience

Kerri-Ann Roper, PA Entertainment Editor

Jack Osbourne has said his most frightening out-of-the-ordinary experience was seeing a “shadow figure at the end of his bed”.

The TV star, who is hosting a new series called Fright Club, said the incident had “freaked” him out.

The 35-year-old told the PA news agency: “I don’t know if something followed me home, or if something like just doing what I do, and exposing myself to, you know, these alleged haunted locations as much as I have, if it like opened me up somehow, but I started having some weird things happen at home that really freaked me out.

“It was just like waking up in the middle of night and seeing like a shadow figure at the end of my bed. Because I always like to think like, when I’m home, it’s my safe space.

“And, yeah, it was actually very early on in Covid that this was happening. And it definitely freaked me out.”

Fright Club, currently streaming on discovery+, sees him and the Ghost Brothers (Dalen Spratt, Marcus Harvey and Juwan Mass) show each other footage in a bid to find the most “mind-blowing supernatural footage” they can.

Osbourne, son of rocker Ozzy and TV personality Sharon, has filmed previous series like The Osbournes Want To Believe with his parents, in a bid to convince them that paranormal activity is real.

He said: “I don’t know if they’re fully convinced. But I have definitely planted seeds.

“My dad now will, anytime there’s like a news article about something in the paranormal or if he finds something online, he sends it to me, and my mom, when I speak to her on the phone, she’s like, ‘Oh, I heard this today about you know, UFOs or read a story about a ghost’. So it’s definitely planted seeds.”

He said Fright Club has also made him want to delve more deeply into the Bigfoot phenomenon.

Bigfoot, sometimes referred to as the Sasquatch, is a folklore figure, with people claiming to have footage or have seen the large, human-like creature covered in hair.

Osbourne said: “From doing Fright Club, I went into that show being, like, the biggest Bigfoot naysayer, and I was always, like, ‘That’s a joke. Like, come on.’

“I just always thought Bigfoot was like a dude in a costume screwing around with his friends. And then, as things have progressed, and watching all these clips from the Fright Club, it got me thinking, I’m, like, ‘You know what, there’s something to this’.”

He added: “The clips that I’ve seen, some of them can be explained away. Sure. But there are some where I’m, like, ‘Well, what the hell was that? That’s not a bear. That’s not a giant mountain lion.’

“‘It’s not a human because if it’s a human, it’s the largest human I’ve ever seen.’ It’s like as if an NBA player decided to put on a Chewbacca costume and go for a walk in the woods. I don’t think that’s going to happen very often.”

– Fright Club is streaming exclusively on discovery+.

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