I'm A Celebrity 2023: Tony Bellew 'really annoyed' with Fred Sirieix for throwing stock cube on fire

I'm A Celebrity's Tony Bellew is really annoyed with Fred Sirieix (Shutterstock/ITV)
I'm A Celebrity's Tony Bellew is really annoyed with Fred Sirieix (Shutterstock/ITV) (ITV/Shutterstock)

Tensions reached boiling point over the cooking in I'm A Celebrity with Tony Bellew admitting he was "really annoyed" that Fred Sirieix accidentally threw the stock cube on the fire.

Stirring up the drama, the boxer said he wouldn't eat the rice without the stock cube and was furious with the First Dates star for his cooking error.

"Fred has thrown it away," he said in a piece to camera by himself. "Inside of me, that really annoyed me."

Sirieix had admitted: "I threw the stock cube on the fire. I threw the stock cube on the fire!"

At first, Bellew thought he was mocking him. He said: "You’re really not joking? It’s not. That’s a killer. I don’t eat the rice without it."

Later, Sirieix grew annoyed with Josie Gibson and Nella Rose for their washing up as he felt they hadn't done a good enough job.

Camp leader Sam Thompson admitted he was loving all of the drama playing out in camp. He said: "Tempers are flaring a bit. We’re in the jungle baby! Let’s go!"

Earlier, Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly were giggling away as they joked about a reason that would make them want to quit the jungle.

Grace Dent and Jamie Lynn Spears have quit on medical grounds.

Donnelly joked the breaking news was that: "Nobody has walked out of the jungle for the whole 24 hours!"

McPartlin took it even further, laughing about how him and Donnelly had considered quitting themselves. He said: "The weather has been so bad this year, me and Dec have thought about leaving."

Fred Sirieix, Marvin Humes, Frankie Dettori, Josie Gibson and Danielle Harold struggled with the latest Bushtucker trial at the grisly Barbaric Barbershop.

They got four out of 10 stars, with Gibson quitting saying "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here" after she couldn't conquer her fears of spiders.

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  • Lily Waddell

    Josie Gibson admits Rylan is her type

    Josie Gibson admitted she would love a straight Rylan when discussing men with Nella Rose.

    "If someone gave me a straight Rylan," she confessed.

    Later in a piece to camera, she said: "I think he is beautiful. I like a goatee. Rylan.

    "I like them tall. Rylan. A nice bit of hair. Rylan. Nice eyes. Rylan. I don't think he's barking up my tree!"

  • Lily Waddell

    Dec Donnelly slaps Ant McPartlin

    Dec Donnelly playfully slapped Ant McPartlin as they ribbed the moment where Sam Thompson hit Tony Bellew to kill a mosquito.

  • Lily Waddell

    Tony Bellew celebrates his birthday

    Everyone sang happy birthday to Tony Bellew and presented him with their unusual homemade gift.

    Fred Sirieix made him a necklace made of bones.

    Nick Pickard revealed that Fred said: "I want to call him the chief."

    The birthday man shared his delight over having a great day in the jungle after undertaking the Dingo Dollar challenge with Sam Thompson.

    "I'm very grateful, I couldn't have had a better time with better people," Bellew said.

  • Lily Waddell

    Sam Thompson slaps Tony Bellew to kill mosquito

    Sam Thompson killed a mosquito by slapping Tony Bellew in the face.

    The blood of the mosquito was on Bellew's forehead.

    Thompson joked: "That was dangerous! Could have got punched there!"

  • Lily Waddell

    Singing Dingo Dollar challenge

    The famous faces have to sing the tune to each other down a line.

    Tony Bellew and Sam Thompson are the last on the chain to hear the tune. They must recognise the tune that Danielle Harold has sung to them down the phone.

    "This is where Tony gets a bit angry," Thompson joked when they were unsure on one of the tunes.

  • Lily Waddell

    Tony Bellew gushes over meeting his wife Rachael

    Tony Bellew said meeting his wife Rachael was the "best thing" that has ever happened to him.

    She was his friend's sister and he said: "First time I met her I was 10 or 11."

    He was shell shocked when they met again while he was working as a bouncer at a club.

    The boxer got her in early with her friend and later went into find her.

    He said: "Got her a drink. How are you? You got a boyfriend? Any chance we could go for a drink? She said no! I said absolutely great."

    But he didn't give up, he said: "I carried on. I carried on."

    Bellew revealed she took his number and eventually called him after doing her research on him.

    He said: "She phoned me. I said I thought we could go to the pictures. What about tomorrow? Got us a taxi. Went to the pictures. Fancy coming back to my mum's? She said ok. Sat there watching films. Kissed her. Got a kiss on the cheek October 15th 2001. That was it."

  • Lily Waddell

    Sam Thompson wants to be a dad

    Sam Thompson revealed he would love to become a dad one day.

    He said: "I want to be a dad at some point. You've got to look after a child. You want to be the dad, sitting down having honest conversation and being able to listen, advise."

    Marvin Humes reassured him that he would be a great dad. Of having three children, he shared his own experience saying: "All my kids care about is giving them attention, loving them, cuddling them. They just want to have all of you and to be as fun as possible."

    In the piece to camera, Thompson praised Humes for being "thoughtful". He said: "Big Marv is just a really thoughtful bloke. He's a really good guy."

  • Lily Waddell

    Sam Thompson opens up about ADHD

    Excitable Sam Thompson wore his heart when he discussed his ADHD experience.

    He said: "There are loads of people of a certain age who get diagnosed way later. When the low bits happen, the lows get low, highs get high."

    The Made In Chelsea star gushed over his girlfriend Zara for being "steady" and always supporting him.

    He added: "When she's steady, I'm like that. Someone who keeps you going. My time keeping is terrible."

    The reality TV star explained how he sometimes struggles to pay attention when people like his girlfriend are talking to him.

    He said: "You feel like you are a bit of a k***."

    But his campmates reassured him he was very loveable.

  • Lily Waddell

    Nigel Farage is hungry for the fight

    After half of camp got back from their trial, Nigel Farage was gearing himself up for his own challenge the following day.

    He said in a piece to camera: "It does sound devilishly tough. I had a bad day yesterday. I am pretty thoughtful about tomorrow. Clearly quite a bit of pressure on!"

  • Lily Waddell

    Sam Thompson gushes over Tony Bellew

    Sam Thompson praised his idol Tony Bellew for helping him put suncream on his back.

    He said it was a knockout sun tan lotion applying, crediting the boxer for having "soft" hands and a "gentle touch".

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