Hugh Bonneville: Why I hope filming on second Downton film can begin this year

Alex Green, PA Entertainment Reporter

Hugh Bonneville has said he hopes filming on a second Downton Abbey film begins this year so the feature can welcome audiences back into cinemas when they reopen.

The actor, who plays the Earl of Grantham in the period drama, said there is “great intent” for a sequel to the 2019 film, but that coronavirus kept getting in the way.

The 57-year-old has previously suggested a follow-up will only arrive when everyone offered the vaccination receives the jab.

Graham Norton Show – London
Gordon Ramsay on The Graham Norton Show (Matt Crossick/PA)

Speaking on The Graham Norton Show, he said: “We’d love to do it and there is a great intent, but a little thing called coronavirus keeps getting in the way.

“It would be super to think that sometime this year the cameras would roll because a Downton-type cheery movie would be very welcome in cinemas when they reopen eventually.

“There is a script, but not all the ducks are in a row yet – they are certainly not in the pond.”

Bonneville appeared alongside Gordon Ramsay, 54, on the BBC chat show and joked that the famously fiery celebrity chef’s language had influenced his son.

He said: “He was obsessed with your programmes and when he was a bit younger, he would be in the back of the car shouting things like, ‘Raw, f****** bass’ and ‘Raw, stone-cold langoustine’’

“Out of the mouths of babes. I have lived with these phrases for years and I am very grateful to you.”

BBC One’s The Graham Norton Show airs on Friday at 10.45pm.

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