GMB viewers compare Richard Madeley to Alan Partridge

Richard Madeley is being mocked after going “full Alan Partridge” on Good Morning Britain, the Independent reports..

The broadcaster was standing in as co-host of the daytime show alongside Charlotte Hawkins on Thursday when the pair discussed vaccination.

They were reacting to a survey that found a fifth of 18 to 29-year-olds would refuse to take the jab or are undecided.

When Madeley asked whether people should be “restricted” from attending events if they say no to being inoculated, Hawkins said: “It’s hard, isn’t it? Because I think you have the vaccine for yourself, but you also have the vaccine to protect everyone else.”

Madeley's hilarious response was akin to something Steve Coogan would write for Alan Partridge.

"One of the reasons, for example, that we have a law that says you must wear a seatbelt, is not just to protect the person wearing the belt; it’s that if you don’t wear a belt and you have a high-speed crash, [when] you go through the windshield, you might hit somebody else,” he said, adding: “That can actually happen.”

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Viewers were quick to compare the stand-in host with the comedy character.

"Richard Madeley’s transitioning period is finally over – he’s now 100 per cent Alan Partridge," one wrote, with another adding: "It is impossible to listen to Richard Madeley’s seatbelt analogy without hearing it in the voice of Alan Partridge."

Writer Marc Burrows posted: "Every time you think Alan Partridge is a bit unbelievable as a mainstream, prime time TV host, out comes Richard Madely to remind us, if anything, it might be a bit on the nose."

Another viewer called Madeley "comedy gold... without trying”, adding: "Richard Madeley actually ‘IS’ Alan Partridge."