GMB’s Ranvir Singh's shock as Dr Amir Khan accidentally calls her ‘viagra’

Good Morning Britain's Ranvir Singh
GMB’s Ranvir Singh's shock as Lorraine guest accidentally calls her ‘viagra’. (ITV screengrab) (ITV screengrab)

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Good Morning Britain's Ranvir Singh was totally surprised when Dr Amir Khan called her "viagra" by accident in a slip-up on air on Tuesday.

The breakfast TV presenter was filling in again for Lorraine Kelly on her self-titled daytime chat show Lorraine on Tuesday when the hilarious exchange unfolded live on air. They laughed off the awkward moment together and the doctor shared his apologies.

Dr Amir Khan was booked on Lorraine to talk about the health story that hit headlines again on the front of The Daily Express. The front page headline read "dementia can be predicted 15 years before diagnosis", referring to a blood test that could potentially diagnose dementia 15 years before it occurs.

What, how and why?

Dr Amir Khan realised his mistake. (ITV screengrab)
Dr Amir Khan realised his mistake. (ITV screengrab) (ITV screengrab)

It wasn't until later in the interview when the doctor made the slip-up and accidentally called the host "viagra". Following on from the news story about dementia, Dr Khan had been talking about how to boost your memory naturally with your food intake. He explained how even dark chocolate and small amounts of red wine could help improve your memory before then making the blunder.

"Now there is something else viagra," Dr Khan said. Only a few seconds later, the TV doctor realised what he had said. The health guru then couldn't stop himself from laughing before he corrected himself live on air. He said: "Viagra? I called you viagra!"

Singh was initially shocked and then she made a joke out of the error. She said: "Hello? Morning Amir!" Then Singh erupted into giggles as she saw the hilarious side of being called "viagra" during her presenting stint on Lorraine. Dr Amir Khan struggled to contain his laughter too.

In good humour, the guest apologised as he tried to explain his on-air slip-up but it appeared hard to do without laughing too much. "I'm talking about viagra next," he said. "Sorry Freudian slip. Research has also shown that viagra can improve memory in men who take it regularly. So men who take viagra regularly may decrease their chances of dementia."

At this point, the cheeky host quipped: "It may have improved your memory too much!" Giggling away, Dr Khan continued his planned explanation. He said: "We don't know why that is in this research. It could be because the blood flow to the brain is improved by viagra. But it could also just be these men are having more sex."

What else happened on Lorraine?

Good Morning Britain's Ranvir Singh
Good Morning Britain's Ranvir Singh laughed off the blunder. (ITV screengrab) (ITV screengrab)

Later on the show, the Good Morning Britain star said she had received a text from Dr Amir Khan apologising for the funny error. However, seeing the funny side of the story, the presenter told viewers: "I've been called worse." Oops!

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