Gary Goldsmith says he ‘100%’ achieved his mission on Celebrity Big Brother

The Princess of Wales uncle Gary Goldsmith has said he feels he has “100%” achieved his mission on Celebrity Big Brother, to change people’s perceptions of him.

The businessman and podcast host became the first housemate to be evicted from the show during Friday’s episode, after a public vote between him and The Real Housewives Of Cheshire star Lauren Simon.

On Sunday he returned to the reality show’s spin-off, Celebrity Big Brother Late & Live, to talk about how life has been since he returned to the real world.

Host Will Best said: “You went on the show to change people’s perceptions of you, now that you’ve been out in the real world, what sort of reception have you been getting and do you feel like it was mission accomplished?” to which he replied: “One hundred per cent – the taxi driver this morning said hello Gary, I’ve never had that before.”

Gary Goldsmith
Gary Goldsmith has been evicted from Celebrity Big Brother (ITV)

Best joked that it was an Uber, which you have to book with your contact details, but Goldsmith corrected him that it was a black cab.

He added: “Then walking back from the hotel this morning, somebody was selling flowers and said ‘Hi Gary’ and gave me a flower.”

Goldsmith also said he felt Love Island star Ekin-Su Culculoglu is playing a game.

He said: “It’s a very unusual dynamic, but if you want to win the show, you want to win it as a game, you have to play it as a game and Ekin’s got so much more experience than most people of doing that, and she’s doing it brilliantly.”

He added: “There are a couple of people who are doing this. It’s all about getting airtime, saying the right thing to the right people, getting people on side.”

The spin-off show also disclosed that two of the celebrities who have received new eviction nominations are former This Morning host Fern Britton and Ibiza Weekender star David Potts.

Former X Factor star Louis Walsh described Britton as a “complete lady” but explained he was nominating her as he feels she is “just there, like wallpaper”.

Simon chose Potts as she thinks he is putting on an act which is “going on a bit long” and does not “feel any warmth with him”.

Best also announced that former X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne, who is a “celebrity lodger” who cannot be nominated or nominate, has secretly watched all the nominations and that this will have “very big consequences” for the housemates.

Sunday’s instalment of the main show also showed the other housemates reacting to Goldsmith’s departure, including Walsh, who said he felt it was the “right decision”.

Simon said Goldsmith was more prepared to go than her, recalling: “He said ‘I’ve done what I wanted to do and if I go I’ve done enough’ and I didn’t feel ready to go, I wanted to spend the weekend.”

Levi Roots also talked to Walsh about Goldsmith, saying he felt he was “trying to fit in too much” and that he had advised him to “stop pretending” while on the show.

Elsewhere, former X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne spoke about her reality TV show The Osbournes, which documented her life with her husband, Black Sabbath star Ozzy Osbourne, and their children.

Talking about her husband, she said: “He was stoned on every episode. Never sober, he’s never seen it, doesn’t want to see it and he never watched one episode.”

Her former X Factor co-star Walsh also asked Osbourne about the popularity of The Real Housewives franchise in the US, while talking to Lauren Simon, who stars in the Cheshire edition.

Osbourne said: “I honestly, honestly don’t watch them because I don’t like the way the women are. I think it’s very, very bad the way they represent themselves with the cat fighting.”

Osbourne added: “They live bullshit lives, not real lives. It’s like, instantly disposable.”

Lauren explained she used to be a hairdresser and a nightclub promoter and took The Real Housewives Of Cheshire job as she “wanted to be famous” but found it gave her “financial freedom”.

They moved on to the topic of Only Fans, with Simon saying she feels young girls do not have a lot of options to make money.

Culculoglu replied: “I’d rather have zero pounds than £1 million doing it (making money) the wrong way, but have pride”.

She then asked Osbourne if she would ever consider signing up for internet subscription site OnlyFans, which is commonly used by sex workers, to which the X Factor judge responded: “F*** off.”

The housemates also discussed their opinions of former US president Donald Trump.

Walsh said he was “allergic to him” while Osbourne recounted her time working alongside him on the US version of The Apprentice.

She said: “He was, I have to say, very, very nice with me. Very charming. And his wife was lovely. He’s the sort of man that won’t talk to you if he doesn’t think you’re a pretty woman.”

Osbourne also recalled when he broke royal etiquette by walking in front of Queen Elizabeth II, and said “thank god” he is nearly 78 as “we won’t have to suffer him long”.

Throughout the episode, the house transformed into Big Brother’s Police Department for an elaborate game in which they were tasked with solving a murder.

However, reality star Potts was given a secret mission to “sabotage, misdirect and corrupt the crime-fighting efforts” of his fellow officers in order to win this week’s luxury shopping budget.

Potts also recruited YouTuber Zeze Millz to be a bad cop with him, and together they stole the evidence which the other housemates had found and changed the body.

They succeeded in their mission as they went undetected, which secured the luxury prize for the group.

Celebrity Big Brother continues at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX.