Funeral of Gogglebox star Mary Cook takes place in Bristol

The funeral of Gogglebox star Mary Cook has taken place in Bristol.

The former hospitality worker died in August at the age of 92.

She had starred on the Channel 4 programme since 2016 alongside fellow Bristolian Marina Wingrove.

Cook’s funeral took place at South Bristol Crematorium on Friday.

Her granddaughter Nikki said in a statement: “My nan loved life and certainly wasn’t ready to leave.

“This radiated from her.

“She was a great singer, a great actress and as viewers saw she definitely enjoyed entertaining the nation over the last five years of fame that she had on Gogglebox.

“It was a very beautiful service with so many friends and family, nan would have enjoyed every minute of it.

“It was really special to hear nan’s songs throughout the service, especially her singing My Way, which was my mum and aunt’s favourite song of nan’s.

“My nan was… is… an amazing and inspiring woman who wanted to live forever and she will, of course, as she will live on through us and in our hearts.

“We should all be more like her, full of life, full of fun and full of love.”

Eva, another of Cook’s granddaughters, sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow during the ceremony.

Before being invited to join Gogglebox, Cook and Wingrove became friends at a retirement village more than 10 years ago.

A picture of the pair together featured in the order of service for the funeral.

According to the St Monica Trust retirement home, where Cook and Wingrove lived, they were discovered by a researcher for Gogglebox during a trip to Asda.

The pair were temporarily absent from the programme because of the pandemic but later returned for May’s series finale of the programme.