Fox News host accidentally reveals that co-host is pregnant on live television

Things got a little awkward Wednesday on Fox News’s The Five, when Dana Perino coaxed co-host Jessica Tarlov into announcing her pregnancy that, up until then, had not been made public. At the time, they were talking about new things they had all done during the pandemic. Jesse Watters spoke about having a baby and writing a book. Then Perino turned to Tarlov.

“Jessica, you try anything new?” Perino asked. “I mean, you got something new coming.” “Yeah, and now the audience knows,” Tarlov responded, clearly shocked as her co-hosts began to laugh while Perino appeared confused. “So, I’m pregnant,” Tarlov finished.

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But Perino appeared to genuinely not know that the pregnancy was a secret.

“You could have said anything,” Perino said. “First of all, I thought people knew. I am so sorry.” “It’s totally — I, yeah,” Tarlov said, searching for what to say before going on. “I also learned how to make sourdough bread, like everybody.” “OK, OK. That would have been a great answer,” Perino responded. “Can we congratulate Jessica all together?”

Things then took a weird turn when Dagen McDowell joined in the conversation, which again, was originally about new things they tried during the pandemic.

“I can’t top it other than — the only thing I can top it with is, like, partner swaps or orgies,” McDowell said to laughter from the table. “No,” Perino replied, “and even that is not topping the news that we have that I thought was old news.”

Perino was clearly embarrassed, but also thrilled for Tarlov, and ended the segment with her head in her hands as they cut to commercial.

The Five airs weeknights at 5 p.m. on Fox News Channel.

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