Filmmakers may stage protests against ‘divisive’ pre-recorded Oscars categories

Members of the filmmaking industry may stage protests against the “divisive” decision to pre-record several Oscars categories at this year’s awards.

Karol Urban, president of the Cinema Audio Society (CAS), said the move would “fracture the filmmaking community” by “keeping invisible art invisible”.

It was previously reported that eight categories, including documentary short, film editing and makeup/hairstyling, would be pre-recorded ahead of time and edited into the live telecast.

Also reportedly due to be filmed ahead of time are the awards for original score, production design, animated short, live-action short and sound.

“It’s hurtful to some nominees in some categories but more than that it’s divisive,” Ms Urban told the PA news agency.

“It fractures the filmmaking community because we are all filmmakers.

“The Oscars is a magical night and it’s a night when the public really takes a look and notices different aspects of filmmaking that are incredibly impactful but perhaps invisible to the viewer.

“It’s heart-breaking in that aspect and it’s very damaging in that aspect.”

Ms Urban said it was “unsettling” to see the “stratification” of the Academy, an organisation created to celebrate filmmaking “as a whole”, and would relay to the public that “some categories were more important than others”.

“It’s not true to the heart of the Oscars… and echoes a very hurtful message,” she told PA.

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It was previously reported that eight categories would be pre-recorded ahead of time and edited into the live telecast (David Crane/ AP)

Oscars show-runner Will Packer previously said the show would “make sure that everybody has their moment” and would celebrate talented people and what they do.

Mr Packer said organisers “values every last category, every last area” and there were “misconceptions” about the situation, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Responding to his remarks, Ms Urban said: “It’s not their moment… it’s about being in the room with all the different aspects of filmmaking and all of your peers giving you the equal recognition for the contribution that you make that is invisible.

“They have taken it away by making it a pre-shoot and edit and insert, that’s not the same.”

Acts of “solidarity” are expected to take place at the ceremony on Sunday, which may include guild members wearing their pins upside down, and award winners accepting their trophies upside down.

“We feel this decision has turned this night on its head and I do think you will see people reflecting that,” said Ms Urban.

The 94th Academy awards will take place on Sunday March 27 from 1am UK time.