EastEnders legend provides impromptu musical performance for passers-by in London

Video and words from SNWS

EastEnders legend John Altman who played 'Nasty' Nick Cotton burst into an impromptu musical performance to entertain passers-by in London.

A passer-by couldn't believe their eyes when they spotted his performance in Soho, London.

The British soap legend, 69, performed his song 'Outrageous' from his 2020 album ‘Never Too Late to Rock and Roll', as people gathered to enjoy the surprise show.

One local said: “It was really fun to watch. I had no idea who he was at first – I assumed he was just a random person.

“But as I stopped to look I was thinking, ‘I swear that’s Nick Cotton’.

“Everyone around seemed to enjoy it. Lots of people were getting out their phones to film him.

“He definitely created a good atmosphere.

“I wasn’t actually aware he could sing but he was really good!”