Doc Martin star Martin Clunes to preside over world horse show in Aberdeen

Actor and TV presenter Martin Clunes has been appointed as president of this year’s World Clydesdale Show.

Mr Clunes, best known for his roles in Doc Martin, Men Behaving Badly and Manhunt, has had a longstanding passion for horses.

He took over as president of the British Horse Society in June 2011 and made the 2010 ITV documentary series Horsepower followed by Heavy Horsepower in 2013, both of which reveal his fascination with the animals.

Mr Clunes will take on his role as president of the four-day show at P&J Live in Aberdeen, which will run October 20-23 this year.

Martin Clunes
Martin Clunes is president of the British Horse Society (World Clydesdale Show/PA)

It is set to bring more than 300 Clydesdale horses from all over the world and about 21,000 spectators together.

Mr Clunes owns two Clydesdales himself: Ronnie and Bruce, and they will be attending the show.

Speaking about his new role, Mr Clunes said: “I am really excited to be the president of this prestigious show.

“Like a lot of people, I get a gut punch when I see Clydesdale horses so to be present at a world show with horses from all over the world is just too exciting.

“I am also very happy to show my boys off and I’m crossing my fingers that they behave themselves.”

Commenting on his role, chief executive and director of the Clydesdale Show, Alisa Clark, said: “We are so very proud that Martin Clunes has agreed to be the World Clydesdale Show 2022 president.

“His love of horses and dedication to the Clydesdale Breed is tremendous and to be able to welcome the president of the British Horse Society as our president is a great honour.”

The first World Clydesdale Show was held in 2007 in Madison, Wisconsin, and since that date has only ever been held in the USA or Canada.

This year will be its first time in the UK.

In 2017, a group was set up to arrange for the show to be hosted Scotland, where Clydesdales are originally from.