Demi Jones says trolls have accused her of lying over thyroid cancer diagnosis

Watch: Demi Jones says she's been trolled after sharing cancer diagnosis

Demi Jones has said she's been the target of trolling since she revealed recently that she has thyroid cancer.

The 22-year-old Love Island star appeared on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday to discuss her diagnosis, and shared that she'd had been accused of lying about her condition.

Host Susanna Reid had asked whether she'd been on the receiving end of any trolling after appearing on the ITV2 reality show last year.

Jones replied: "I've been really lucky that I haven't experienced a lot of trolling, but there is still unfortunately people like that.

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"Even with my cancer I've still had nasty comments and things like that saying 'oh, she's lying' or 'she's this, she's that'.

"I just woke up and saw it on my Instagram, I thought 'that's ridiculous'. Unfortunately there are people out there like that."

Demi Jones has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. (PA)
Demi Jones has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. (PA)

Reid went on to ask how she dealt with such negative comments.

Jones said: "I never respond to trolling on social media, it's not worth my time and I'm really strong about it anyway – I've always been like that.

"It makes me sad. I'm not lying about this at all. It's a really serious thing and I don't want to be going through this."

Jones also spoke about how she pushed for more tests after preliminary ones came back clear.

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"My stepdad's got cancer so I knew that I had to push for appointments," she said.

"It kept getting cancelled and I was eventually seen in April, and when I was seen I had my ultrasound and I had my blood tests and both came back absolutely fine.

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"They went to send me on my way, but I knew because of him that I had to ask for more.

"'Is there more scanning you can do? Testing you can do?' And they went to drain the fluid and it was that that came back as potentially cancerous."

Jones told her Instagram followers last week about her diagnosis and said she was having an operation to remove the rest of her thyroid after the removal of the tumour.

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