David Jason and Jay Blades's new show charms viewers

David Jason and Jay Blades have teamed up for David & Jay's Touring Toolshed. (BBC)
Sir David Jason and Jay Blades have teamed up for David & Jay's Touring Toolshed. (BBC) (BBC/Hungry Jay Media/Rosie Geiger)

What did you miss?

Sir David Jason and Jay Blades have left viewers feeling heart-warmed and cheered up with their new series Touring Toolshed. The 83-year-old Only Fools and Horses star and The Repair Shop presenter have teamed up to travel the country helping members of the public with crafting, upcycling and repairs. And after the series launched on Monday evening on BBC Two viewers were filled with praise for the show which they felt to be perfectly timed for the time of year.

What, how, and why?

David Jason and Jay Blades have teamed up for David & Jay's Touring Toolshed. (BBC)
Viewers thought David Jason and Jay Blades made a great comedy duo. (BBC) (BBC/Hungry Jay Media)

The first episode of David & Jay’s Touring Toolshed was the TV favourites pitch up at the Midlands Air Festival, where an addiction counsellor called Becky presented a wooden animatronic figurine that she’d made herself but wished was able to move more. The pair also visited an air museum where a 94-year-old ex-serviceman fixes up old aircrafts.

Viewers were charmed by the relationship between Jason and Blades on screen.

One wrote to Blades on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter: "Loved it. It was brilliant. Clearly a fabulous relationship between you both." Another said: "Fantastic. A great new comedy duo. Fun. Informative and great."

One commented: Just watched the first episode of #davidandjaystouringtoolshed , and I loved it. It looked like Jay and Sir David had fun making it. Well done, @BBCTwo and @jayblades, and everyone involved bringing us this beautiful TV show. Just what you need on dull January evening." And another gushed: "Morning Jay, thought it was great, love the banter between the two of you."

Others were a little more critical. One replied to Blades' own request for feedback saying: "Sorry but it doesn't get an 10/10 from me. Felt a bit light on content and lacking in substance. I will watch again as it's light hearted and easy going but I was hoping for more." Another complained: "Money for old rope, I'm afraid. .......so that's where the Increase in license fee went."

David & Jay’s Touring Toolshed airs on BBC Two at 6.30pm on weekday evening. The whole series is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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