From condoms to cat food, the worst Valentine's Day gifts revealed

The UK's most disappointing Valentine's Day gifts have been revealed. (Getty Images)
The UK's most disappointing Valentine's Day gifts have been revealed. (Getty Images) (Getty)

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and the shops are awash with cute heart shaped gifts for those wanting to treat their loved ones.

Turns out what to get your other half is a burning question right now with 43,000 recent online searches for 'Valentine's Day gifts' as people look for inspiration to spoil their significant other.

But before you commit, it's probably worth thinking about what you shouldn't get them with a new poll revealing some of the worst gifts couples have received on the most romantic day of the year.

While 68% of the couples surveyed say they regularly exchange gifts with their partner on Valentine’s Day, 41% are left unimpressed by the usual Valentine’s Day gifts such as scented candles, flowers and chocolates.

And some have been considerably more disappointed with their presents, sharing some of the worst which range from cheap chocolate in top spot, to a supermarket gift card which just scraped into the top 50, and deservedly so.

Coming in second spot in the V-day disappointing gift list was a book of stamps, followed by a bag of crisps and a battery with a note saying 'You turn me on'. Enough said.

'Just what I've always wanted, a book of stamps'. (Getty Images)
'Just what I've always wanted, a book of stamps'. (Getty Images) (Getty)

Bunches of dead flowers, a car air freshener and a cow keyring also ranked highly in the let down stakes, while other presents lovers would rather forget include a happy birthday card, a break-up and a horseradish root.

Other out-there presents range from cat food to condoms, while one lucky lover received a ring meant for someone else.

Also falling in the 'what were you thinking?' category of gift-giving were a roll-on deodorant, a toothbrush and a hub cap, while household items also featured heavily and include a mop and a bucket, washing up gloves and a tea towel!

In an attempt to avoid receiving disappointing gifts, 35% of those polled by Ninja admit to dropping hints in the run-up to February as to what they want for their Valentine’s Day present.

Over nine in 10 (91%) of the nation say they would rather spend more on a present than they typically would if they knew it was something their partner really wanted and 57% report they would rather receive a more useful gift that they can enjoy in the long term, such as an air fryer.

It's little wonder, therefore that a whopping 69% of Brits in a relationship want to be gifted an air fryer this Valentine’s Day.

Who says romance is dead?

Disappointing Valentine's Day gifts range from dead flowers to cheap chocolate. (Getty Images)
Disappointing Valentine's Day gifts range from dead flowers to cheap chocolate. (Getty Images) (Getty)

The most disappointing Valentine's gifts Brits have received

  1. Cheap chocolate

  2. A book of stamps

  3. A bag of crisps

  4. A battery with a note saying “You turn me on”

  5. A breakup

  6. A bunch of dead flowers

  7. A car air freshener

  8. A happy birthday card

  9. A horseradish root

  10. A cow keyring

  11. Chocolates that he ate before I could

  12. An iron

  13. A pair of socks

  14. A roll-on deodorant

  15. A ring with the wrong birthstone

  16. A tea towel

  17. A teddy intended for their recent ex

  18. A toothbrush

  19. A toy wobble

  20. A biscuit

  21. Being cheated on

  22. A car tax holder after they'd been abolished

  23. Cat food

  24. A cheap ring that turned my finger green

  25. Chocolate body paint

  26. A ring meant for someone else

  27. Hummus and carrot sticks

  28. A hub cap

  29. An inflatable foot bath

  30. A male thong

  31. Horrible underwear

  32. No present

  33. Out-of-date alcohol and chocolate

  34. A packet of tissues

  35. Knock off perfume

  36. A teddy bear

  37. A wheelbarrow

  38. A washing-up bowl with a mop and bucket

  39. Washing up gloves

  40. A weekend in Blackpool where it rained every day

  41. Clothes that didn't fit

  42. Seeds for the garden

  43. A pizza tray

  44. A dustbin

  45. Going to a football match

  46. A fishing reel

  47. A bookmark

  48. A bottle opener

  49. A pocket screwdriver

  50. A supermarket gift card

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