Comedy duo Mel and Sue reveal potentially biggest career fallout

Comedy duo Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins have revealed potentially their biggest fallout in more than 30 years spent working together.

The former bake-off hosts are due to star in new comedy series Hitmen: Reloaded about two professional assassins who “bicker and occasionally blow people’s heads off”.

But despite their comic onscreen relationship drawing parallels with real life, Perkins insists the pair have only ever had “mild skirmishes. Not rows. Maybe a dry eye-roll.”

Asked on the Jonathan Ross show about any arguments they had had during their careers, Giedroyc said: “We’ve had a couple of snips.”

Responding to Perkins claim, she said: “There was more than that, mate.

Hitmen series
The former bake-off hosts are due to star in new comedy series Hitmen: Reloaded (Sky/Tiger Aspect/Colin Hutton/ PA)

Giedroyc recalled a time when her partner had made her “livid”, saying: “Actually (it was) in this very building – in reception.

“We arranged to meet, let’s say it was 10am. I was there 20 minutes to – always early.

This was a tense morning, I think we were due to have a meeting with somebody about something.

“(Perkins) rolls in…18 minutes late. I am livid.

“When I’m livid I just go very, very jolly and very, very passive aggressive.”

Speaking about their upcoming series, Perkins said: “It’s about two middle-aged hitwomen who spend a lot of time bickering in the van and occasionally do quite nasty fight sequences and blow people’s heads off.”

When quizzed on whether they do their own stunts, Giedroyc responds: “Hell, yeah.”

“I had a fight in a loo and really put my hip out. In my head I’m Jean Claude Van Damme,” adds Perkins.

The pair also praised their co-star Katherine Parkinson for her acting ability, with Giedroyc admitting she failed to get into every drama school she ever applied to.

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