Christopher Eccleston backs Music For Dementia campaign

Former Doctor Who star Christopher Eccleston is backing a campaign to use the power of music to raise awareness of dementia.

The actor’s late father Ronnie suffered with the disease and he wrote movingly about his experiences in 2019 memoir I Love The Bones Of You.

Eccleston is backing Music For Dementia’s calls for people to listen to 30 minutes of music a week with a loved one to mark World Alzheimer’s Month this September.

Christopher Eccleston
Christopher Eccleston is backing a campaign calling for the power of music to be used to help those suffering with dementia (Jonathan Brady/PA)

The #powerof30 campaign says music can help reduce isolation and support communication for those with the condition.

Eccleston, 57, said: “Music has the power to communicate to us on direct and subliminal levels. It can take us places. It can be transformative.

“It has a unique power of its own and within that, the power to comfort those who may be confused or in the grip of this destructive disease. I fully support and endorse the work being done through #powerof30”.

Grace Meadows, campaign director at Music For Dementia, said: “Whether you know someone with dementia or not, we hope people embrace our #powerof30 campaign. No matter what age you are, where you live or what your health is, everyone can benefit from a shared experience of listening to music.”

Dementia is a syndrome associated with an ongoing decline of brain functioning.

There are more than 850,000 people in the UK who have dementia, according to the NHS, with one in 14 over the age of 65 having the illness.

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