Chris Kamara in tears as he admits he was 'ashamed' after apraxia diagnosis


Watch the moving moment Chris Kamara breaks down in tears as he discusses his apraxia diagnosis

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Chris Kamara broke down in tears on Good Morning Britain as he opened up about his apraxia diagnosis and said he used to feel "ashamed that I couldn't speak".

The Sky Sports presenter and former footballer shared his diagnosis last year after viewers noticed that he was slurring his speech, explaining that he had developed apraxia of speech (AOS), a condition which makes it difficult to pronounce words correctly and consistently.

He was emotional as he went on the ITV show to discuss his new book, My Unbelievable Life, while host Ben Shephard, one of his close friends, also appeared tearful during the segment.

What, how, and why?

Chris Kamara was emotional on Good Morning Britain. (ITV screengrab)
Chris Kamara was emotional on Good Morning Britain. (ITV screengrab) (ITV screengrab)

Kamara told Shephard and his co-host Susanna Reid how after he was diagnosed he had felt that his condition defined him but had learned otherwise.

"I thought that defined me so my apologies to everybody out there who has got a speech condition because it doesn't define who you are," he said, becoming emotional.

"I get upset about talking about it because I was in denial," he added.

"I was ashamed that I couldn't speak."

Reid reached over and took the TV star's hand as she assured him: "Honestly, you have done so much to inspire other people.

"I know Ben you have had experiences haven't you, where you have spoken to people who are literally no longer ashamed of what they are experiencing because of the way that you have spoken about it."

"That's been the good thing about all this," Kamara said, adding that after he'd made a documentary about his condition he had realised how many people were behind him.

The star also told how he hadn't wanted to be "a burden" to his family.

"That's the thing, I have spent my life trying to look after my family," he said.

Susanna Reid comforted Chris Kamara. (ITV screengrab)
Susanna Reid comforted Chris Kamara. (ITV screengrab) (TV screengrab)

"I don't want them to be in a position where they are having to care for me. But they would love to if that situation happened and all the support I've had, I realised how wrong I was."

"So now I have got the opportunity to try and help people with speech and language problems," he said, adding that he was going to campaign as much as he could for others to get help.

Kamara also said he had been to Mexico for some experimental treatment and that it was working.

What else happened on Good Morning Britain?

Shephard became emotional as Kamara thanked him for what he had done for him.

Ben Shephard hugged close friend Chris Kamara on the show. (ITV screengrab)
Ben Shephard hugged close friend Chris Kamara on the show. (ITV screengrab) (ITV screengrab)

"Can I say a big thanks to you Ben," Kamara said, after the presenter talked about his new book.

"Because none of this would have happened without your help."

Shephard looked moved, saying: "I want a hug."

He then walked over to Kamara and put his arms around him.

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