Celebrity Race Across The World: why is it so popular and who is going to win?

Celebrity Race Across The World
Celebrity Race Across the World has taken the small screen by storm. (BBC) (BBC/Studio Lambert Ltd/Pete Dadds)

Reality shows have been on the rise, even in the wake of the TV cuts. Among the reality TV formats, Celebrity Race Across The World has taken the small screen by storm but what is it that makes the show so popular with viewers?

PR and entertainment expert Lynn Carratt, of Press Box PR, told Yahoo: "Who doesn’t like seeing a celebrity rough it away from home and their luxury lifestyle?

"Even better that they’re travelling with one of their nearest and dearest who are not afraid to bring them down a peg or two, if they get to big for their boots.

"We are watching these famous faces be their authentic selves away from how they are portrayed in the media and it’s refreshing and the backdrop of the different counties helps take viewers away to an place for an hour a week.

Who doesn’t like seeing a celebrity rough it away from home and their luxury lifestyle?

"We've had a rollercoaster seven weeks watching these celebrities attempt to get themselves and their companions from Marrakech in Morocco to Tromsø in Norway ASAP on a budget and it has been compulsively viewing."

Viewers will tune in to Celebrity Race Across The World for the nail-biting final on Wednesday which will see the four celebrities and their travel buddies cross the finish line in Norway.

British racing driver Billy Monger, who lost his legs in a crash in 2017, teamed up with his sister Bonny while McFly’s drummer Harry Judd brought his mum Emma along for the travels.

Earlier in the series, Judd faced criticism for rushing his mum, so has the musician learnt his lesson as they tackle the last leg?

Celebrity Race Across The World's Harry Judd and his mum Emma
Harry Judd come under fire for making his mum Emma rush (BBC) (Studio Lambert Ltd)

Also in the running, weatherman Alex Beresford has been competing alongside his dad Noel and they have certainly been on an emotional journey together.

Plus luxury-loving Mel Blatt and her mum Helene who have brazenly been spending hefty portions of their budget on taxis. And they still have hopes of winning.

Rise of reality TV

It is no secret that there have been huge cuts across TV which has seen favourites including Doctors axed. Despite the cuts made elsewhere, reality series formats have gone from strength to strength.

As well as being cheap to make, reality shows hook audiences with their compelling narratives - something Celebrity Race Across The World does well.

Celebrity Race Across The World,Generics,Harry Judd, Emma Judd, Helene Blatt, Mel Blatt, Alex Beresford, Noel Beresford, Billy Monger & Bonny Monger,Studio Lambert Ltd,Pete Dadds
Harry Judd, Emma Judd, Helene Blatt, Mel Blatt, Alex Beresford, Noel Beresford, Billy Monger and Bonny Monger raced across the world (BBC) (Studio Lambert Ltd/Pete Dadds)

The PR mastermind said: "I think it’s irreverent that is a celeb version of the show. It was already one of the most popular reality competitions on TV, bringing in weekly viewing of around 3.7 million.

"It's the format of the show that makes it compelling viewing and the civilian have more interesting back stories.

"The public love to champion the underdog, and on this show you can really get behind the contestants and will them on to success."

Humanising celebrities

Billy Monger and his sister Bonny on Celebrity Race Across The World
We see a different side to the celebrities, including Billy Monger who is pictured with sister Bonny (BBC) (Studio Lambert Ltd/Pete Dadds)

Now with the celebrity spin-off, Race Across The World fans have the opportunity to see another side to some of their favourite stars taking part in the show.

Because the celebrity is taking part with their chosen relative, the PR shared the stars can be themselves without the pressures that come with fame as well as offering a glimpse into their private lives away from the screen and the stage.

The PR and Entertainment expert said: "Viewers love to see the family dynamics with the celebrity and their loved one and it humanises them.

"Audiences get a real insight into the celeb as they can be themselves away from the pressure of their fame.

"Each of these celebs have interesting back story to share with viewers, no more so than British Racing Driver and Pundit Billy Monger who opened up about his near fatal crash on the show."

Has Covid made Celebrity Race Across The World more popular?

Celebrity Race Across The World's Alex Beresford with his dad Noel in Sweden
Alex Beresford with his dad Noel in Sweden (BBC) (BBC/Studio Lambert Ltd)

As the team race through 24 countries to the finish line, viewers see the world and the different cultures through the eyes of the contestants.

Carratt believes people's dreams of travelling has sparked a huge interest in the show's format – and travel has become even more desirable post-COVID.

She added: "The show was actually midway through filming when the Covid pandemic hit in 2020, so the programme has been a long time coming.

"I believe viewers want to see that we can travel again after the Covid travel ban and what a mixture of countries and cultures we have witnessed along the way.

"In fact some fans have even been taking to Twitter to complain that the show too focused on the racing not and their wasn't enough exploring of the countries."

Harry Judd and Emma Judd explore Berlin, in Germany
Harry and Emma Judd explore Berlin. (BBC) (BBC/Studio Lambert Ltd)

Who is going to win Race Across The World?

Ahead of the final, the PR expert revealed who she thinks is going to win the show.

She explained: "As the celebrities arrive at their final destination in Tromsø in Norway tonight, is viewers will be on tenterhooks, waiting to see who is going to arrive first.

"Personally, I'm rooting for McFly’s Harry and his mum Emma. She has embraced the culture in every country she has visited and it’s been lovely watching her spent quality time with her son and they have led the pack a lot across Europe.

"They could be pipped at the post though by Billy Monger and sister Bonny who have been fighters all way through and never gave up.

"Mel Blatt's mum Helene also deserves a mention for reining in her luxury-loving daughter who loved wasting their budget on taxis.

"Weatherman Alex Beresford is the bookies favourite to win, but he has struggled on the gruelling journey with some viewers even dubbing him a ‘man child.’ Win or lose these dynamic duos have been on one epic journey."

Full odds of who is going to win:

As the final airs on Wednesday, William Hill revealed who is the most likely to win the series according to the latest odds.

Billy 11/8

Alex 2/1

Harry 11/4

Mel 5/1

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Watch Celebrity Race Across The World final on BBC One at 9pm on Wednesday

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