Celebrity Big Brother's Sharon Osbourne shocks with attacks on stars

Sharon Osbourne didn't hold back on CBB. (Shutterstock/ITV)
Sharon Osbourne didn't hold back on CBB. (Shutterstock/ITV) (Shutterstock for Big Brother)

Sharon Osbourne hasn't held back when discussing some of Hollywood's stars in Celebrity Big Brother.

She's the first ever Celebrity Big Brother lodger on the rebooted reality series, only agreeing to stay for one week in the house with the other TV stars. Dismissing it was rumours about pay, Osbourne revealed the emotion reason behind her short Celebrity Big Brother stint.

While it may only be a short stay, she hasn't been shy about controversy in the house from discussing her opinions on A-list celebrities to Osbourne claiming in the US "nobody will employ me because they say I am racist".

Known for her acid tongue, the first reality star gave her real thoughts on the celebrities she has met over the years in the showbiz world. Here is everything Osbourne has said about Donald Trump, Adele, James Corden, Anna Wintour and Ellen DeGeneres on Celebrity Big Brother. Some of the remarks may surprise you...

Donald Trump

Donald Trump met Sharon Osbourne on The Celebrity Apprentice. (Getty)
Donald Trump met Sharon Osbourne on The Celebrity Apprentice. (Getty) (GIORGIO VIERA via Getty Images)

Osbourne turned her attention to Donald Trump when recounting their meeting on The Celebrity Apprentice. Now 14 years on, Sharon has alleged that the former president of the United States of America would only pay attention to women he found attractive.

"He was, I have to say, very, very nice with me. Extremely nice, very charming and his wife [Melania Trump] was lovely," Sharon said. "He's the sort of man that won't talk to you if he doesn't think you're a pretty woman. He treats women like [snaps fingers]. If he thinks you are attractive for whatever he feels is attractive, he will talk to you, but if you're not it's like [looks away]."

Then Sharon added: "When he came over to England to meet our late Queen [Elizabeth II], he was walking in front of her. That's how uneducated he is, and I just thank God he's 78 because we won't have to suffer him long."


Adele playing in Las Vegas
Sharon Osbourne launched an attack of words on Adele. (Getty) (Kevin Mazur via Getty Images)

In the Celebrity Big Brother house, Gary Goldsmith got Osbourne talking about Adele as he brought up her seven stone weight loss. He said: "Adele's lost the weight a little bit."

Osbourne then launched an attack of words on Adele, who was born in London and has since moved to Los Angeles. The star branded the singer "fake" and imitated her cockney accent claiming she thinks it is put on. Putting on an accent, Osbourne said: "Oh love, oh I'm Adele, I'm so English."

Kate Middleton's uncle - albeit a little bit surprised - reached over to say he loved the star for speaking her mind. "I love you by the way," Goldsmith said. "It's brilliant."

Osbourne wasn't finished taking down Adele, leaving Louis Walsh and Goldsmith in hysterics. She went on: "It's like, cut the crap, you don't talk like that anymore, just sing, just be true to who you are! But she does all this old English, you know?"

James Corden

James Corden attends a basketball game between the Los Angeles Lakers
James Corden was targeted by Sharon Osbourne. (getty) (Allen Berezovsky via Getty Images)

Goldsmith had joked Strictly star Nikita Kuzmin was a "name dropper" when it came to celebrity pals but he also admitted: "He's not showing off, it's just his life!"

Seizing the opportunity, Osbourne sensationally claimed that James Corden was a name dropper. She said: "I tell you who does that, the English guy, James Corden, he does that all the time."

Playing along, her long-time friend Walsh added: "He’s even made a career out of it."

Osbourne pointed out how Corden was playing a game when he moved out to Los Angeles with his family. She said: "When he got to America, he played the LA game really well, you know, turned up at everything."

Walsh agreed saying: "Kissing all the right people, Anna Wintour, mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah."

Sharon replied: "Oh she loves him, loves him."

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour is a huge name in the fashion world. (Getty)
Anna Wintour is a huge name in the fashion world. (Getty) (Jacopo Raule via Getty Images)

And on the subject of Wintour, Osbourne couldn't resist making another dig at a high-profile celebrity. It is believed the terrifying fashion magazine boss in The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda Priestly, is inspired by fashion bible VOGUE editor Wintour.

Osbourne questioned Wintour's popularity. She said: "But who loves Anna Wintour?" Taking it further, Osbourne even called the fashion magazine editor a rude slur. She added: "I think she's the C-word."

Walsh joked: "Anna Wintour. I don’t get it, or those stupid glasses"

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres was name dropped in Celebrity Big Brother. (Getty)
Ellen DeGeneres was name dropped in Celebrity Big Brother. (Getty) (Christopher Polk/E! Entertainment via Getty Images)

Walsh had been getting Osbourne talking about all the stars and conversation turned to Ellen DeGeneres.

By sharp contrast to the other stars Osbourne has expressed a dislike for, she had no words about DeGeneres. Instead the TV personality coldly pretended to be sick at Walsh bringing up DeGeneres' name.

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