Best cooling pillows to help you sleep in the heat

Switching up your pillows could help you get a good night's sleep this summer. (Getty Images)
Switching up your pillows could help you get a good night's sleep this summer. (Getty Images) (Getty Images)

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This summer, the UK surpassed its hottest day ever with temperatures surpassing 40C.

From ice packs in front of the fan to sleeping in the garden and trying to encourage the dog to lie on a wet towel, we've tried all various home remedies to get a decent night of sleep.

But, in the absence of air conditioning we've got a new favourite heatwave helper: the cooling pillow.

These feats of engineering are designed to regulate your body temperature. Some - like the Cool Gel Pillow from Rem Fit - are designed with gel-infused memory foam.

Others, like John Lewis' Kally Sleep pillow, use hollowfibre to distribute air evenly throughout the pillow.

Whichever method you choose, these pillows will go a long way towards helping you get a better night sleep.

Best cooling pillows to get a better night sleep in the heat

Simba Hybrid® Pillow | £81.95 (Was £109) from Simba

(Simba Sleep)
(Simba Sleep)

Simba's Hybrid Pillow is a pretty special one. it's made with astronaut-inspired heat regulation which absorbs, stores and releases heat as and when you need it. It means that no matter what the temperature - hot or cold - this pillow will always keep you at an optimum.

With almost 15,000 glowing reviews, this is also one of our most top-rated options. "I have to take this pillow with me wherever I go it’s that good, in fact it’s that good it’s ruined other pillows when I’m away from mine," one reviewer said.

"Adjustable to how you want them. They are the most comfortable pillows I've ever bought and they helped me with my neck," another added.

REM-Fit 500 Cool Gel Pillow | £49.50 (Was £99) from Rem Fit

(Rem Fit)
(Rem Fit)

The Rem Fit Cool Gel Pillow gives us a naturally cooling feeling with its gel-infused memory foam. This pillow isn't just cooling, it also has anti-sweat technology built in. The Re-Ax® fibres absorb both heat and sweat to keep you cool no matter what.

One happy customer described it as like "sleeping on a cloud". Another said: "Turned out to be perfect for someone like me who rolls around a lot in my sleep, unlike a lot of memory foam pillows which are targeted at side sleepers."

John Lewis & Partners Specialist Synthetic Smart Cool Standard Pillow | £30 from John Lewis

(John Lewis)
(John Lewis)

This John Lewis cooling pillow interacts with your body to reduce heat. The cooling properties are activated when it can feel your body temperature rising and then deactivated after it's happy you are at optimal temperature.

The reviewers are happy with the results of this reasonably priced option, too. "Really comfortable and firm pillow, and definitely does help to stay cool and not get too hot overnight. Really impressed and very good value for money," one reviewer said.

Kally Sleep Cooling Standard Pillow, Medium/Firm | £50 from John Lewis

(John Lewis)
(John Lewis)

The Kally Sleep cooling pillow has a foam core filling which is surrounded by a cool-layer of hollowfibres for a truly cooling experience. The foam layer is air-permeable and can distribute air throughout the pillow with the help of air vents on the side.

There are plenty of fans of the pillow, too. One customer said: "Looked everywhere for a cooling pillow that works and this one did not let me down. Quite firm, so far I have not noticed the pillow get hot when I have a night sweat. Excellent."

Emma Original Pillow | £49.50 (Was £99) from Emma


The Emma Original Pillow is quite a special one - which is why it's so high rated. Its open-pored layer enhances airflow and absorbs moisture to keep you cool and dry. What's extra special about it, is that it still manages to maintain the feeling of a comfortable, feather-filled pillow.

It's also rated very highly for people who suffer from back and neck pain: "It took time to get used to because I never properly had a memory foam pillow until now. On my third week in, my shoulders and neck doesn't hurt after waking up."

Cooling Medium Support Pillow | £30 (Was £40) from DUSK

To begin, this Cooling Support Pillow is made of Tencil, which is 30% cooler than cotton. It draws the heat away from you during the night to ensure you have a fresher night sleep.

This is our top pick for people suffering with allergies, too, because it has a natural casing and filling.

The reviews speak for themselves; "I love this pillow. I find it very hard to find a good pillow and this one is the best ever." Another person said: "Best pillows we’ve ever tried. Only need one instead of 2 flatter pillows. These are thick but bouncy and don’t flatten out. Not firm, just thick and comfy."