Huw Edwards confronted on the tube by man demanding he remove his face mask

BBC News presenter Huw Edwards 'in talks' for 'Strictly Come Dancing'
BBC News presenter Huw Edwards

BBC News presenter Huw Edwards says he was confronted by a man on a train who demanded he remove his face mask.

The 59-year-old News at 10 correspondent shared a photo of himself on Twitter wearing the mask, which is covered in the Welsh dragon flag pattern.

Alongside it, he wrote: “Angry man on tube demands I take off mask. Turns out he was offended by the Welsh theme… Anyway.”

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The host followed it up with a determined stance on his thoughts on mask-wearing in the future.

“I’m still going to wear a mask on public transport and indoor spaces,” he added. “To protect others and show respect for NHS staff. Diolch [Thanks].”

Edwards’ comments come just hours after Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, announced that facemasks will still be required across the London transport network, despite lockdown easing on July 19th.

He said in a statement: "We know from the government's own advisors and from the World Health Organisation, that wearing a face-covering indoors does reduce transmissions.

"It leads to greater public safety and greater public confidence as well.

"As long as the virus is still with us, and as long as we're still concerned about the virus being transmitted, we will make it compulsory."

For Wales, first minister Mark Drakeford said coronavirus restrictions will be further relaxed from Saturday, but face masks will still have to be worn on public transport and most indoor public spaces.

Surgical mask on white background
The facemask has become a symbol of our times (Getty) (MoMo Productions via Getty Images)

Presenter Edwards lives in London with wife Vicky and their five children.

Last year, during the height of the pandemic, Edwards was rushed into hospital with pneumonia, but shared a photo of himself back to health in April 2020.

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Pneumonia is a potentially fatal bacterial infection that attacks the lungs, causing difficulty breathing, coughing, fever, fatigue and chest pain.

BBC newsreader Huw Edwards speaking during the UK Holocaust Memorial Day Commemorative Ceremony at Central Hall in Westminster, London.
BBC newsreader Huw Edwards speaking during the UK Holocaust Memorial Day Commemorative Ceremony (PA) (PA)

It has close ties with Covid-19 with the virus originally being called novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia (NCIP) before being renamed by the World Health Organisation after further research.

Covid-19 pneumonia is more likely to affect both the lungs as opposed to just one in regular pneumonia.

Edwards has stated that he was suspected of having coronavirus in April last year, but was never formally tested for it.