Banished Traitors player: My family laughed at me being a pantomime villain

Traitors contestant Paul Gorton has said his family thought it was funny after watching him play the role of a “pantomime villain” on the hit BBC One show.

On Thursday’s episode of the psychological game, where contestants try to find the traitors who are “murdering” them to stop them wining prize money, the 36-year-old business manager was betrayed and sent home.

The Traitors
Paul, one of the contestants in series two of The Traitors (Mark Mainz/Studio Lambert/BBC)

When asked on BBC Breakfast how his family received his performance as a traitor who had tried to manipulate the other contestants and ousted his fellow “murderers”, Paul said: “Everyone that I know who has watched it, they just find it the funniest thing in the world.

“I mean, I think at the start, maybe I came across more of a villain and then the more that kind of went on people (were) like ‘oh, he’s like a pantomime villain’, he’s actually like, just this camp guy that’s doing not even that cruel things, to be honest.

“So yeah, my family just they love it and they support me through it and you know, they’ve dealt with me for years, they know exactly what I’m about.”

He also said he is different from other reality TV stars such as Nick Bateman, who was dubbed “Nasty Nick” by the media after his appearance on Big Brother.

“The major difference is this show is called The Traitors. I have to say to (host) Claudia Winkleman, ‘I will lie and I will deceive people in order to win’.

“Whereas in Big Brother, you don’t have to lie and deceive people, you have to be yourself.”

The Traitors
Harry, another Traitors contestant, betrayed Paul at the roundtable (Mark Mainz/Studio Lambert/BBC)

The latest episode also showed Harry, who is the only original traitor left, drive the accusations against Paul.

Paul was also attacked by “faithful” Charlotte, who has been one of his closest friends on the series.

When he was revealed a traitor, the faithfuls shouted with joy that they had eliminated another.

Paul, who admitted he was feeling emotional towards the end, said: “I just think I was deteriorating, I couldn’t keep it up.

“It’s such a relief and it’s so bizarre that when they found me, I’m (celebrating) because it feels we found a Traitor and I was so happy for everyone. Watching it again last night, I thought it was the best round table that I’ve seen.”

Paul also praised Harry for “flying” to finish the line after his success in ousting him.

He added: “Harry is just taking the reins (as leader of the Traitors) and he now needs to go and win it.”

On Thursday’s episode, Andrew agreed to be recruited as a traitor and admitted he was not happy to be chosen as he felt they had selected him to be a “scapegoat”.

Following his reaction, Harry and Paul both admitted that they may have made a mistake in picking him.

The Traitors continues on Friday on BBC One.