Banish eye bags with this TikTok famous eye cream

The latest viral TikTok buy to know about. (Peter Thomas Roth)
The latest viral TikTok buy to know about. (Peter Thomas Roth)

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Eye bags are the pits. No matter how much sleep you get or cucumber slices you utilise, for many of us the puff is real. And there's only so much concealer can do.

But we may have found a solution to your black circles.

Last year the Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX Eye went viral on TikTok. We all watched in awe as a 54-year-old user called @trinidad1967 applied the eye cream on her left eye bag, and within a minute or so, her wrinkles and puffiness had, well, disappeared.

Sadly for us at the time, it wasn't available in the UK and would have been hard to buy regardless as it sold out in the US in under a week.

When it eventually arrived on our shores, it predictably sold out quicker than you could say 'smooth eyes'.

However, the good news starts here. LookFantastic has restocked the Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX Eye so we can all partake in this beauty miracle.

Get in quick, though, as it's bound to be another sell-out.

Why we rate it

For a start, it's truly transformative. Sure, the results are temporary, but if you've spent years feeling incredibly self-conscious about your eye bags and can't afford surgery or other cosmetic treatments, then this eye cream could be life-changing for you. And we don't say that lightly.

Just how does the Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX Eye work? It contains Firm-A-Tite™ technology (a trio of advanced skin tighteners) which lift and firm the appearance of the skin around the eye contour. In a nutshell? It 'fills' the wrinkles and fine lines.

Then there's something called Eyeliss™ complex - this utilises a host of peptides to alleviate the look of puffiness, while Eye Regener® is responsible for that amazing, tightening effect.

As well as the special high-tech formulas above, this wonder serum contains loads of vitamins and hydrating actives to help brighten and refresh the eye area. These actives also have antioxidant qualities which help combat environmental aggressors (think UV rays, air pollution, hot/cold temperatures to name a few).

If you want a dermatologists full rundown on how the product works, TikTok's Derm Doctor has a video that does just that and why it leads to "completely legitimate results".

The hugely viral product has been hard to get your hands on since the video. (Peter Thomas Roth)
The hugely viral product has been hard to get your hands on since the video. (Peter Thomas Roth)

£32 at LookFantastic

Whether you want to use it daily, save it for special occasions (or hangover days), the brand promises that your eye area will be radically smoother and lifted and you'll look more youthful and awake. We're sold.

It's not tricky to use, either. After shaking it well, apply sparingly to clean, dry skin while remaining expressionless. Then wait three to seven minutes for it to dry. When your skin feels 'pulled' and tight, it's a sign it has done its job - so check in the mirror and enjoy your fresh-looking eyes.

The brand suggests using a damp cloth, cotton swab, or fingertips to gently pat away any product residue that might be visible.

What the reviews say

From calling it magic, to sleep in a bottle, there are some seriously impressed users who have managed to get their hands on the product in the UK. So much so, that people are even showing loved ones how good the eye cream is, only for them to become converts, too.

  • "I wasn't disappointed it's magic. I took it to a family gathering to show, and my auntie (she is 70 years old) loved it so much I gave it to her. It worked so well on her you could see the difference right away. I would highly recommend."

  • "This is absolute magic. Sleep in a bottle."

  • "Omg, this stuff is awesome, I’m 61 and don’t sleep due to illness. I’m genuinely impressed, it’s not expensive but works so much better than much more expensive ones. No white powder, just nice smooth skin. I can use a little concealer and look like I used to."

  • "Literally Botox in a tube, incredible results fast and long-lasting. Tiny amount goes a long, long way. Not often I’m speechless but this stuff is absolutely incredible."

  • "All I can say is WOW!!! This product is just incredible. My other half also uses it as he had some bags under his eyes and I literally watched them disappear a few minutes after applying this cream. This product is worth every penny."

Buy it now: Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX Eye | £32 from Look Fantastic

The temporary eye-bag fix of dreams. (Look Fantastic)
The temporary eye-bag fix of dreams. (Look Fantastic) (x)

£32 at LookFantastic

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